Thursday, September 22, 2011


I got a few unexpected presents lately! First my mum called me to say that she was sending a package my way. I guess she couldn't wait until I got it and called her about it... When I finally got it in the mail it was my apron! My mum promised me and my sister an apron many months ago, mine was half finished on display in her sewing room for some time now. But it was finished now and very nice!

It has two sides, the other side have the same fabrics but dots instead of the black and white and visa versa. I already tried it and it makes me look fabulous while cooking dinner!

When we visited my bf's parents my mother in law also had a present for me. They visited a town where some people still wear regional costumes ( I believe it was Staphorst, but I'm not sure) and they would sell leftover fabric. So I got some pieces of fabric!

Don't know what I'm going to do with it yet but that doesn't matter, I do really like the black and white!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Finishing touches

After an afternoon of studying I thought I'd relax a bit behind my sewing machine. I still had some finishing touches to do on the baby toys, sew a few filling holes for the stuffing in the blocks and machine sew the crinkle label toys together so it feels nicer (or the fabric and crinkly foil feel like 2 different layers...)
I did one and I thought it might be nice if I used some embroidery stitches on my machine. I tested a few and went on with the label toys until my sewing machine stopped! It had made a whole bundle of thread at the back and was starting to eat up the fabric. Oh no! This is when 'relaxing' behind my sewing machine became not so relaxing. I cleaned the everything I could reach, rethreaded it three times, meanwhile calling my mum because it had been hers so maybe she knew what to do, then changed needles and it didn't help! I could figure out what was wrong with it and agreed that my mum would take it to the shop for a checkup. Then after dinner I tried again and it worked perfectly again.... Maybe its having it's period? But I could finish the stitching on the crinkle toys. I hope they give it a good cleaning back at the shop so I can sew without worrying about it eating my fabric!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy weekend

I've had a busy weekend! Saturday my mom and I went to the annual exhibition organized by our quilter's guild. And it was in my hometown, Leiden! We've only just come back from Birmingham and we both thought we would be disappointed because it wasn't as huge as the festival of quilts. It was held in the Pieterskerk, an old church that doesn't function as a church anymore, that is a very nice building to walk around in with old tombstones and statues and such. We saw some beautiful quilts and looked around by the shops! Check my moms blog for pictures, she will post them later this week.

Then on sunday I had work to do! My mom and sister have booked a booth in a some sort of an arts and crafts market. So in a couple of weeks they have to have some goods to sell at this market! My sister is going to sell cupcakes and my mother and I are busy sewing some little things. Baby toys are my department so I made this:

It isn't a very good picture because it's already dark outside... But it in reality the color are very bright and happy! I hope the people will like it!

Then there was one other thing I have started this weekend. I bought a journal. No ordinary journal... It is a little book called "wreck this journal" and that's exactly what you'll have to do with it. In every page are some instructions about what to do with it, drawing, cutting, poking holes even taking it with you in the shower. I followed some instructions already including the 'sew this page' page.

If your curious, I started a weblog to document how the journal is doing: , you find the link on the right!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Arts and crafts

It has been a while since my last post. Not much sewing done last week... And this monday is the start of the academic year so I will have little time to sew or quilt then too! But I have done something crafty. When I have little time I like to do something that can be finished in an afternoon or evening. I already tried to make a journal quilt but that didn't turn out how I wanted it to be.
They had canvasses and paint on sale in the shopping mall today. A friend of mine has started painting, she paints because she likes to do something but she never likes it very much when she is done and usually throws it away, lol. But that's ok, it's fun while you're working on it. I thought that I might give it a try!

Of course I didn't have inspiration to really paint something but I made two canvasses. I don't know what I'll do with them because they're not that nice, but, it was fun to do!!