Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birmingham Gallery II

I've got one more post with a random selection of my half of the quilts pics we took in Birmingham. For more check out my mum blog (carpe-quiltem).Clearly a winner, this quilt was unbelievable neatly stitched!
Very modern fabric with a traditional design, I like it!
Lots of tiny bits and pieces!

Beautiful design and colours too!

Now it is time to get some quilting done myself. I took my wonky log cabin with me on the trip (I felt very much like Bonnie Hunter who always takes, lots of, projects with her on trips) but didnt quilt at all (of course). I also have to do a little shopping rehab... Birmingham is THE place to go shopping, so thats what we did. And yesterday I bought some new jeans and some thread in various colours. To make things worse it is 'Feestweek' (a party week) at our favourite quiltshop (de Quilterij, in Den Bosch) so I have to pay them a visit too this week and you dont usually leave a quiltshop empty handed!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Birmingham Gallery

As promised, a few pics of the exhibition. And once again, Im sorry I cant tell you who made these beauties!

I love the colours of all of the above. I really like the 'almost'wholecloth with the cream and soft orange. Ive always thought about making a wholecloth but I think I like a design like this better. It is still very simple and easy for your eyes and the focus is on the quilting but it has a little but extra compared to a regular wholecloth.
Ill sort out the second half of my pictures tomorrow so maybe I'll show you some more then!

Edit: Some of the quilts arent complete in the picture. Thats because there were a lot of people and sometimes it wasnt possible to take a proper picture...

We're back from Birmingham!

My mum and I went, for the first time, to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham last week. It was a lot of fun! When we arrived the first day there were a lot of people (or actually women), quilted bags and vests everywhere. I heard some women say they had to 57 shops before they allowed themselves a bathroom break, we still thought that it couldnt be thát big. We were wrong...

It was huge! We started with the exhibition and by lunchtime it dawned on us we couldnt see all the quilts in one day. So we had a nice lunch at the quilters café and went on to the shops in the afternoon. We made lots of pictures, didnt buy anything yet and in no time it was time to go back to the hotel. The next day we thought we could go and see the other half of the show and shops. We were wrong again. It tooks us three days and we still arent a 100% sure we have seen everything ;-)

I bought some stuff too, some things were a lot cheaper there then when I buy it here because of various show offers and discounts. Here is what I got:
Some white on white fabric and just a few fat quarters that I liked (apparantly Im very into blues and greens). A few notions, mesh transfer paper, a sheet with tiny little holes in it to draw quilt patterns etc on fabric and an aeroplane cutter. We both got ourselves the funny pin. But the best of all are the charmpacks I spoilt myself with. The big one is the Happy go lucky fabric by Nel Whatmore. I love the colors! I had to resist the temptation of sewing the little charmpack together today... I thought I'd at least think about what Im going to do with it for another hour ;-)
We also spotted some 'celebs' like Kaffe Fasset and Marti Michell, had lots of inspiration from all the quilts and are already planning our visit next year!

In my next post Ill show you some pictures of the quilts. I cant put a name on the quilts because my mum has the catalogue, and even if I had it I dont think I could make out who made what quilt, there are too many of em! But its always nice to see some beautiful designs and such isnt it?

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Last week I was too tired to do anything in my spare time. I had to work from 7 am till 4 pm in Delft at the construction site for the new underground railway tunnel. They are digging in the ground so the archaeologists had to be there! It is a very cool project, very big and archaeological interesting because the tunnel follows the medieval town wall. But my alarm clock rang at 5.15 am every day so when I finally got home at the end of the day I was too tired to even catch up on my blogreading.
And I almost forgot I ordered some fabric from the USA! so it was a bit of a surprise when the mailman brought me a package. I need a project to take with me when we go on holiday and why not start something new? I found some beautiful fabric online, Dena Fishbeins Kumari Garden! I ordered everything available....

The one on top is my favorite! I like it so much I think I'm going to order some more because I don't want it to be gone when I finish this project...
I found a picture online of a beautiful quilt and loosely based the design on this one. Now I have to cut everything so it is ready to sew when I'm on my holiday! I might even take some blocks with me on the airplane, we have a very long flight...