Saturday, July 23, 2011

Quilt Journal II

I havent done much quilting this week but I have been working on my quilt journal. Of some quilts I don't have any fabric left or have no photographs at all but of others I did! It's fun to gather all of that and write why you started the quilt and how it was made etc.
It's a free Saturday today so maybe I'll be able to show you some progress on the quilting of the wonky log cabin tomorrow, for now all I have are some pictures of my journal :-D

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quilt Journal

I have been so busy! Till the end of august all of my weekends are fully booked, all fun things and mini breaks and the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham for example.... and during the week I'm now working full time, my regular 2 working days and the rest of the week I'm working on my thesis to finally graduate next year.

But tonight I have a free evening and have started a quilt journal. I had seen other quilters keep a journal about every quilt the made and I liked the idea. Now I have already made 3 quilts which I gave away and I do not want to forget about them! I have written down 2 quilts tonight. My first and second one. The first called 'Bootjes' and is 17x17 centimeter. The second one is my first big quilt, a sampler of 156x226 centimeter, which I started in 2005 and finished in 2007 because I set myself a deadline by entering the European Quilt Championships exhibition.
I'm writing down some basic information about the quilt on the right and am going put in some pieces of fabric I used (if there is any left and I can find it ;-) ). On the left I'll put a photo of the finished project. So tomorrow evening I'll have to look up some pictures and search for little pieces of fabric and I'll show you what my journal is going to look like!
Maybe some of you are keeping a quilt journal yourself, if there is something I shouldn't forget to document in this journal or other tips and tricks... all suggestions are welcome :-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini quilt: Garden and Graduation Lady

Not so long ago a friend of mine graduated. I didn't know what to give her for this occasion so I made a mini quilt. Then she has a reminder of this achievement and its something else than framing your diploma and hanging that on the wall!

I got my inspiration from a quilt my mum made for me. She was inspired by the 'Gardenlady's' she saw over at Loft Creations. This garden lady is actually a block from a quilt pattern in the book "Garden Club Quilts".
This is the little quilt my mum made for me. It is supposed to be me... ;-) The label is in Dutch, it's a description of me and the quilt. It says, among other things, that I wear a red dress because it is my favorite color and the shovel in the ground is because I study Archaeology.

I drew the block and made it into a paper piece block with some alterations. No sunhat for this lady, she's a graduation lady and not a garden lady! I didn't know whether my friend would like it but even if she doesn't want this on the wall somewhere this is nice gift (I hope ;-) ) and I had fun while sewing/quilting this mini quilt!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Dutch readers/Voor Nederlandse lezers

Ze is eindelijk online! M'n zusje heeft een blog geopend over haar taart en cupcake creaties.
Ze maakt al ruim een jaar de lekkerste én mooiste taarten en besloot dat het tijd was dit met de wereld te delen. Als het water je nu in de mond loopt bij het bekijken van haar weblog kun je ook een taartje bij d'r bestellen (en als je in regio Boxtel/Den Bosch woont komt ze 'm nog brengen ook!)

Hier alvast een voorproefje van een van haar eerste taarten. Een archeologietaart voor de verjaardag van mijn vriend, compleet met botjes, scherfjes, veiligheidshelm en schep!

For all the non-Dutch readers. My sister started a blog about her cake and cupcake creations. The blog is in Dutch but you can always take a look at the beautiful cakes she makes!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

A long day!

Today was such a long day. We were supposed to pick up bf's sister and family from the airport (she lives in Australia and is visiting) at 5.30 am. But when I checked the flying schedule yesterday night it said the plane was going to land an hour early! When we were finally back home at 8 I couldn't go back to bed and sleep, it was already broad daylight!

Because we had the whole day still ahead of us I planned a quilt day for myself. That did not go as planned.... I just didn't have the energy. I sat with the box of fabric for the HSH (Home sweet home) on my lap for an hour, machine piecing involved to much thinking and focus. Then I tried to find a nice quilt design for the log cabin... I decided to quilt it very easy because the quilt is already very colorful. By the time I quilted 5 lines I almost fell asleep in front of the tv. It feels a bit like a wasted day but we got to see my SIL and her family for a bit and I did start the quilting of the log cabins!! And sometimes it's nice to do absolutely nothing, just sit with a cup of tea in the sun!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Porcelain Painting

My sister needed some cheering up because of a broken heart and what is a better way to cheer someone up than crafting! I went to visit her and brought Robbie Williams, Mr. Big, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, porcelain paint and lots of plates and cups.
At first she wasn't enthousiastic but my mum and I handed her a plate, a brush and we started painting! I had never done this before so I accidentally bought transparent paint, that was a mistake... You can see all the brush lines and then it looks a little sloppy if your not skilled at doing this. But that did not stop us..!

This is a plate I made for my brothers gf. She has an unusual spelled name so she can never buy a pen or keychain or something with her name on it. It's a breakfast plate and it says 'Goodmorning Yessy', behind it a mug for my brother, the motorcycle on the back is not visible unfortunately.

We stopped at noon to go out for lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat in the sun (I did get sunburned of course :-( ) and enjoyed our meal. When we got back my mum started to put all the finished things in the oven, to make them dishwasher proof. After a whole day of therapeutic painting this was the result.

The plate with the red witch was made by my mum of course and my sister made the cutest set for herself. Her name is Maren and she loves to bake cupcakes...

We had been so busy we had a late dinner with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and of course Mr. Big.... And then I had to go home already! Hour and a half drive home and I had to work today but my sister was a lot happier and C dropped by to see what we made and to watch some SATC as well. When I got home I received a picture of my phone that showed the girls having a mini spa at home! Very relaxing!

We already decided that with the next broken heart or relationship crisis we would have to make a mosaic mirror or something! But it was such a fun day that we might decide not to wait till someone has a minor depression... ;-) haha!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Show and tell

In my previous post I promised some pictures of a finished project so here it comes...! This winter I made a baby quilt for my sister in law. Last time I made a baby quilt I found the fabric line 'creatures and critters' by Amy Schimler and got all the different fabrics with animals. Because I made that one with nice pictures of animals for the child to look at I had the idea in my head that I had to find another set of nice matching (animal) picture fabric. Problem was I couldn't find anything that I really liked. So I went to 'De Quilterij' determined to come home with fabric for the quilt!
I didn't know if it was going to be a boy or girl so I got a very cute owl fabric with blue and pink and some lime and purple fabric that went well with the owls. My SIL really likes lime and purple so I figured I could not go wrong with that!

But as it turns out I don't have any pictures of the finished quilt! I do have one of the finished top and the quilt gift wrapped... The very afternoon I was making the labels for the quilt I got a call that the baby was born! So I had to hurry... sewed the label on, gift wrapped the quilt with the custom made squeaky toy and we went off to the hospital! This picture was made in the evening so the colors aren't as bright as they are in daylight but it's all I got. I'll make new/better pictures next time I'll visit them.... :-)

Tomorrow I'm going to catch up on my blogreading to see what everybody else has been up to this week. And this weekend is going to be creative though it doesn't involve sewing and fabric but porcelain, glue and a brush...! Curious? ;-)