Monday, August 15, 2011

Birmingham Gallery

As promised, a few pics of the exhibition. And once again, Im sorry I cant tell you who made these beauties!

I love the colours of all of the above. I really like the 'almost'wholecloth with the cream and soft orange. Ive always thought about making a wholecloth but I think I like a design like this better. It is still very simple and easy for your eyes and the focus is on the quilting but it has a little but extra compared to a regular wholecloth.
Ill sort out the second half of my pictures tomorrow so maybe I'll show you some more then!

Edit: Some of the quilts arent complete in the picture. Thats because there were a lot of people and sometimes it wasnt possible to take a proper picture...

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Crispy said...

I love it when there are pictures from quilt shows, first thing in the morning. I too love the almost whole cloth one :0) How exciting to be able to go to such a big show!! Someday I hope to get to one of the big ones too.