Monday, July 04, 2011

Porcelain Painting

My sister needed some cheering up because of a broken heart and what is a better way to cheer someone up than crafting! I went to visit her and brought Robbie Williams, Mr. Big, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, porcelain paint and lots of plates and cups.
At first she wasn't enthousiastic but my mum and I handed her a plate, a brush and we started painting! I had never done this before so I accidentally bought transparent paint, that was a mistake... You can see all the brush lines and then it looks a little sloppy if your not skilled at doing this. But that did not stop us..!

This is a plate I made for my brothers gf. She has an unusual spelled name so she can never buy a pen or keychain or something with her name on it. It's a breakfast plate and it says 'Goodmorning Yessy', behind it a mug for my brother, the motorcycle on the back is not visible unfortunately.

We stopped at noon to go out for lunch. It was a beautiful sunny day so we sat in the sun (I did get sunburned of course :-( ) and enjoyed our meal. When we got back my mum started to put all the finished things in the oven, to make them dishwasher proof. After a whole day of therapeutic painting this was the result.

The plate with the red witch was made by my mum of course and my sister made the cutest set for herself. Her name is Maren and she loves to bake cupcakes...

We had been so busy we had a late dinner with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and of course Mr. Big.... And then I had to go home already! Hour and a half drive home and I had to work today but my sister was a lot happier and C dropped by to see what we made and to watch some SATC as well. When I got home I received a picture of my phone that showed the girls having a mini spa at home! Very relaxing!

We already decided that with the next broken heart or relationship crisis we would have to make a mosaic mirror or something! But it was such a fun day that we might decide not to wait till someone has a minor depression... ;-) haha!


Annemiek said...

Het scheelde maar een haartje maandag of we hadden en hele dag moeten vilten.....*lol*
Yessy was erg blij met dr bordje:)

Crispy said...

What a good sister you are Lotte!! That did look like a wonderful way to spend the day and you all were so creative!!


Mama Spark said...

You are so sweet to go out and do that for your sister!! I bet she appreciates it more than you realize!