Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mini quilt: Garden and Graduation Lady

Not so long ago a friend of mine graduated. I didn't know what to give her for this occasion so I made a mini quilt. Then she has a reminder of this achievement and its something else than framing your diploma and hanging that on the wall!

I got my inspiration from a quilt my mum made for me. She was inspired by the 'Gardenlady's' she saw over at Loft Creations. This garden lady is actually a block from a quilt pattern in the book "Garden Club Quilts".
This is the little quilt my mum made for me. It is supposed to be me... ;-) The label is in Dutch, it's a description of me and the quilt. It says, among other things, that I wear a red dress because it is my favorite color and the shovel in the ground is because I study Archaeology.

I drew the block and made it into a paper piece block with some alterations. No sunhat for this lady, she's a graduation lady and not a garden lady! I didn't know whether my friend would like it but even if she doesn't want this on the wall somewhere this is nice gift (I hope ;-) ) and I had fun while sewing/quilting this mini quilt!


Crispy said...

I think it's a wonderful gift and something she will always cherish :0)


Mama Spark said...

This is a fabulous gift! You did a fantastic job!