Saturday, July 09, 2011

A long day!

Today was such a long day. We were supposed to pick up bf's sister and family from the airport (she lives in Australia and is visiting) at 5.30 am. But when I checked the flying schedule yesterday night it said the plane was going to land an hour early! When we were finally back home at 8 I couldn't go back to bed and sleep, it was already broad daylight!

Because we had the whole day still ahead of us I planned a quilt day for myself. That did not go as planned.... I just didn't have the energy. I sat with the box of fabric for the HSH (Home sweet home) on my lap for an hour, machine piecing involved to much thinking and focus. Then I tried to find a nice quilt design for the log cabin... I decided to quilt it very easy because the quilt is already very colorful. By the time I quilted 5 lines I almost fell asleep in front of the tv. It feels a bit like a wasted day but we got to see my SIL and her family for a bit and I did start the quilting of the log cabins!! And sometimes it's nice to do absolutely nothing, just sit with a cup of tea in the sun!


Myra said...

Sounds like a bit of Jet-lag for you, as well as the travelers Lotte!!
You will have more energy tomorrow... 8-)
Happy stitching! 8-)

Crispy said...

You sound just like me, once I'm up I'm up for the day though nodding off can happen LOL. I'm sure you will be fully recovered after a good nights sleep :0)


Annemiek said...

je moet ook helemaal niet hsh-en :)
Jij hebt um al af als Corrine nog moet beginnen *lol* Bettine ook opgehaald? En waren de nichtjes nog herkenbaar (van 2 kanten!)

Mama Spark said...

Sometimes those early days are killer aren't they??