Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wonky Log Cabin

I came across a lot of 'wonky' blocks and quilts on the internet lately... I really like those crooked blocks and the whole liberated quilt making idea but I didn't think I could do it. Another thing I'm not good at is working with scraps. I would like to make a scrap quilt and just use every piece of fabric I come across. I tried that once, used a very tiny piece of a pink striped fabric that I didn't really like but convinced myself I wouldn't notice it once it was finished. Wrong. Every time I see that block I see the pink stripes and I think about how ugly that fabric is.

Today I made liberated wonky log cabins with all the fabrics I never really use and my scraps and it turned out great! Halfway through the first block I was still convinced that my block was not going to be as nice and colourful as the ones I found on the Internet, and that I would have to tell you my little experiment failed. But when it was finished I really liked how it turned out and made three more!
That is another thing, I cannot make small quilts. They always end up twin size or bigger... But this is going to be a wallhanging (I think)!

The only thing to decide is what colour the borders between the blocks are going to be, black or white.....


Annemiek said...

Zwart/wit ipv zw of w?? Lijkt me perfect.Leuke blokken!

Corrine said...

Leuk joh..wat ben je toch ijverig bezig:-) Ik denk zwart..?


Crispy said...

Oh they are wonderful!! I too have a hard time using scraps...I'm too much of a control freak LOL.