Monday, June 27, 2011


After a week of rain the summer is here! So my bf and I both took the day of and went to the beach to fully enjoy the sun. We weren't going sunbathing because that would turn me bright red and the seawater is still cold so no swimming either... I don't think the water of the North Sea is ever at a nice temperature actually. But we went to the beach and sat in the shade on the terras of a beach bar, had a nice cold IceTea and ate lunch. Then we walked along the beach with our feet in the water, got ourselves some ice-cream and when we were tired (of doing nothing...) we went home! Unfortunately we got in a traffic jam and it was very hot and we don't have air-conditioning in our car so I got sunburn from driving back home from the beach on one arm and half my neck..... :-(

I don't think I am going to do much quilting this week in between working, taking a few days off to enjoy the weather and bf's birthday this week but we are scheduling a Home sweet home quilting day soon!
In the meantime I'll show you one of my recently finished projects later this week...

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Crispy said...

So sorry that you ended up getting sunburned....not fun!! After a month of rain, I think our summer is starting too :0)