Saturday, June 11, 2011

Open Air Museum / Openluchtmuseum

Today we went on a little trip to the Open Air museum in Arnhem. It is like a beautiful park with authentic buildings in it. They have farms, factories, cottages, shops, farmyards, even a brewery and of course some windmills! It is a park full of the history of every day life of the last 200 years. We walked around the park all day and I made lots of pictures. But maybe we should have taken the historic tram because my feet are killing me right now!
Here are some of the pictures:

In one of the first houses we visited was a star made of tiles on the wall. It looks just like my cornerblocks of yesterday!

In the pictures below you see a 'bedstee', a box bed. They are all so tiny it is hard to believe that people slept in those. It couldn't have been very comfortable, sleeping while sitting up because they are so small ... In the third picture there is a sandcarpet under the table. These were made (in some regions of the Netherlands) every saturday so the house looked nice for sunday. On sundayevening they would walk all over it to clean and scour the foor with the sand.

And of course, a lot of windmills were present! I am standing in front of a windmill that is used for grinding wheat into flour etc. The little windmill in the right picture is pumping water. They made this area of the park to resemble the landscape of the provinces Noord-Holland en Zuid-Holland (which I am living in now) and we have a lot of 'polders' (I looked it up in the dictionary but polder is polder in English!). Polders are pieces of land that are supposed to be under water but we pumped the water away... This little mill was in a little polder they created and it was pumping water! The farmhouse you see on the left of it is what we call a 'stolpboerderij', the dictionary translates this in : a traditional four square Dutch farmhouse with a pyramide shaped roof.

I will show you some more tomorrow, if you are interested ;-).... Now I am going to put my feet up and have a nice cup of tea!


Annemiek said...

Krijg meteen zin om ook weer ns te gaan :)

Crispy said...

Very cool!! I love going to places like that only we don't have the windmills :0)