Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Open Air Museum / Openluchtmuseum II

Part two of the Open Air Museum! In this little street builde in the 'Zaanse'style was a little shop with Dutch fabrics! There was even a little sign which said you could use it to make quilts ;-) I bought some of the red and white fabric in the bolt under the brown with flowers.

This street is a street in Tilburg (where my mum grew up). Every house was furnished in a different stye/time. The last house was very sixties/seventies and the sewingmachine looks very much like the one my mum used to have!!

I also added another border to the Home Sweet Home quilt! It already getting quite big. The next border is a bit bigger and has a lot of different blocks so it wil take me a bit longer to sew that one. My mum has also begun with this quilt too so Im curious how that one is going to be. Corrine hasn't decided on the colorscheme yet, too many choices, too much fabric! I think it is going to be lemon and pink.... ;-)

Pffff.. blogger seems to think I like having lots of empty spaces in this post.... :-(


Crispy said...

Wow you are really coming along on this quilt.

Love that orange sewing machine!!


Annemiek said...

Jeetje, je bent al echt een eind zeg! Ik heb een heel weekend (!) zitten zweten op mn huis. Het gaat dus niet echt lekker om de een of andere reden :( Neem 'm mee zaterdag dan kan ik t in het echt bewonderen!
Leuk,'n Tilburgs straotje!!