Friday, June 03, 2011

Home Sweet Home

A few weeks ago we went to a quiltshow and our favorite quiltshop ( had a little exposition there of the 'Home Sweet Home' mysteryquilt. They were all very nice but I completely fell in love with this one (made by Suzanne van der Schoot).

I like the pattern and I just love the colours of this particular one... So we bought the pattern and I also bought some green, white and red fabric to start with. And because today was too hot for quilting (27* in our house) I started with the center block of this quilt.

The original pattern has a 'crazy house' block in the center but I liked the idea of putting your own house in the middle to personalize the quilt a little bit. But the apartment we are living in now does not make a very nice center block and our previous apartment was an old cloister so that is too complicated for 30x30 cm. After an hour of drawing doodles I 'designed' this:

Bit dark picture because it was made with my phone but, this is the door of my student flat! The first time I was living on my own (in my own home) and were I met my boyfriend. So with the thought of 'home is were your heart is' (a bit cheesy but so what) this is the perfect center block of this quilt. Maybe I should call it home is were your heart is instead of home sweet home now... ;-)


Annemiek said...

Leuker dan een flat en het idee er achter is volgens jou misschien dan wel "cheesy" maar wél goed bedacht:)En met al je verhuizingen die je al had en nog gaat krijgen, is het een perfecte quiltnaam!

Crispy said...

Your mom mentioned this quilt the other day on her blog. It is GORGEOUS and I'm going to enjoy watching your progress on it :0)

I LOVE the idea you had, to put your dorm door in the center, very creative!!


Mama Spark said...

This quilt is amazing. I can't wait to see how you progress on it!!

Anonymous said...

Hoi Hoi,

wat leuk om jullie commentaar te lezen over mijn Home Sweet Home Quilt, ik ben apetrots!
Ik heb al een lang bericht achtergelaten bij je moeder (denk ik) en ik heb jullie blogs in mijn favorieten gezet, eens kijken hoe jullie quilts gaan worden.
Aanstekelijk he, quilten, heeerlijke hobby.
Bedankt voor de complimenten,

liefs, Suzanne van der Schoot