Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dutch TT Assen

No quilting to write about today but something completely different... Yesterday my dad and I went to the Dutch TT Assen. Its the motogp race in the Netherlands! I used to watch the race every week and I am a huuuuuge fan of Valentino since I was about 11. We have been to the TT in Assen several times, just me and my dad or the whole family, but this time was different. We got 'leftover' VIPtickets from a collegue of my dad! We had no idea what to expect but the brochure was promising (free drinks, lunchbuffet, paddocktour).
We left on the motorcycle around 6 am in the morning because it is a 3,5 hour drive to Assen, and unfortunatly it was raining already :-( The closer you get to Assen the more motorcyclists you see and the last half hour or so you drive with hundreds of them to the circuit. We had special parking and we could take a shuttlevan to the 'VIPvillage'. When we got there we did not really know where to go (everybody else seemed to know where they were going...). Where we were supposed to be was one of the VIProoms of course!! I did feel a bit out of place because you dont know anyone there and a lot of people are there for networking with other companies etc. But once I walked outside and saw Valentino Rossi driving by about 10 metre away from me I sat down in the best chair and decided to stay there the whole day!

But we did leave our chairs for a paddock walk! In the picture above you see me walking in the middle of the paddock! The red trucks on the left are the ones from the ducati team, Valentino Rossi is numer 46 and Nicky Hayden is 69. Unfortunatly they werent walking around, I think he was putting on his leather suit because their race was to start in an hour. I did see another driver (Alvaro Bautista) driving by on a scooter and two of the 125cc drivers walking by but I did not recognize who they were. When we got back we were just in time for the lunchbuffet. Lasagna, shrimps, grilled vegetables and much more! I dont think we ever had such a lunch at the TT... The people across the circuit were putting up their umbrellas because it had started to rain but we didnt have to worry about that either, we were under a roof!
The some of the races were very exciting, a lot of riders fell off their bikes because of the rain. It was a bit slippery here and there but they stil go around the track with 300 km/h! The last race was the MotoGP with Valentino.... It was not the most interesting race to watch because a few rider fell and everyone was driving a few seconds apart, so no fights for first, second or even fifth place and Valentino came fourth over the finish line. But, seeing him drive by soooo close is enough excitement for me ;-)

The first time we went to the TT I thought I wouldn't be such a screaming, loudly cheering fan as the girl next to us was (and she wasnt even cheering for Valentino ;-)) but as soon as he drove by I started screaming and cheering and yelling so hard, surprising myself and the man next to me! He told me to save my breath because the race was going to last another 25 laps... hahaha. So maybe it was not so bad the MotoGP race was not THAT exciting because the VIPvillage was not the right place to be screaming I think (I read on twitter our vice prime minister was in the VIPVillage too) ;-)

At the end of the day we both got ourselves a t-shirt to remember the day and we drove home in the rain. But accompanied by the other hundreds, or actually thousands, of bikers who had come to see the races. And alongside of the road, on every viaduct, on every parkingplace near the highway and even in the emergency lane and on the guard rail (!) were people watching the motorcycles and waving at them.
Now, to end this post another picture of Valentino (and others) driving in the pitlane and a short video! (In reality the track was much closer than the video shows)



Corrine said...

Echt gaaf!

Crispy said...

I can hear your excitment comeing through your finger tips. What a great way to spend the day with your Dad :0)