Sunday, June 05, 2011


Yesterday we had a lovely day in Vaassen at a castle named Cannenburgh. The last time a quilt exposition was held at this castle was 4 years ago and since then they restored the castle and the grounds surrounding it.

It wasn't allowed to make pictures inside but if you are interested in how the inside of the castle looks like take a look at my mums blog....
The exhibition was nice and the quilts just look great in such an environment. There was even an 17th century quilt on the bed in one of the rooms. Maybe the robber knight who used to live here a long time ago slept under it! In the basement and kitchen were a lot of stores and outside were tents with shops too.
I bought some reds and greens for the home sweet home quilt and got a few fabrics from my mum :-D (I had little money to spent because of a speeding ticket...).

And to top it off we sat in shade in the park, looking at the castle and it's surroundings eating this:

Yummy! And with such a view... I hope we don't have to wait another 4 years for a day at Cannenburgh! :-)

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Mama Spark said...

Those deserts look amazing!! I love all the beautiful fabrics you bought too. What an idylic setting for your day too!!