Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One year ago... the last time I updated my blog. But I got a new toy for my birthday this week and it is so much more fun to write a blog on my new iPad instead of my old laptop. So I'm starting this blog again!
But that isn't the only thing my mum spoiled me with, I also got her old sewing machine a few months ago. And since then I have sewed a lot....

This is what I have been working on this weekend. This project started a few years ago when a friend brought me most of the fabrics from America. The reason that it took me so long to finish the quilt top? Well, you usually do not cut half the fabric with scissors and half with a rotary cutter and start with hand sewing and then switch to machine sewing... I did, and my mum and I spent hours taking half the quilt apart and recutting everything because some blocks were over a centimeter bigger than others!
Last week I found the box with all the little pieces of fabric and finally started to sew them into a quilt top. Because the quilt had been almost finished before I already had the fabric for the backing and in a weekend it is now ready to be quilted! Yaay!

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Corrine said...

YEEY!!!! The girl's back in town!!!!
Toch leuk om je patch-avonturen weer via je blog te volgen ipv mms. Nu wordt het 's avonds wel kiezen: I pad of quilten?!
(haha, wordverification is "tehip")

Anonymous said...

(comment was dus van je mama op C's laptop!!)
je mamma:)