Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A weddingday, movingday and a birthday!

My sister-in-law's weddingday was last friday. It was a wonderful day, the wheater was perfect, everybody looked great and every little detail was perfect. My boyfriend was going to give a speech during the dinner and I have never seen him so nervous! He did great of course and made the whole weddingparty cry :)
The next day we went to our new home where my parents were already wallpapering etc (again) and they had a surprise for us! They had bought the glass cabinet we wanted to put our archaeological stuff (some pottery, sherds, flint etc) in and a worktable for under the window in our quilt/computerroom. :D
We did a lot of work this weekend and we have to paint one wall and then it is finished to this saturday is movingday! Some friend and family are coming to help us move and I cant wait! This also means internetacces again so I can blog all the time!!

Today I wanted to buy bf a birthdaypresent because it is his birthday monday. I had a poster in mind of amsterdam that would look great in our new home but then he told me he didnt like it. So I made a plan B, buy an old map of the city. He already has some old maps but few are actually framed. I just stopped by the shop I saw a really nice one and they are closed till july! Now I have to go and find something else....

Friday, June 12, 2009

a new home!

Yes, we are moving to a bigger and better apartment! I was a bit nervous about it before we signed the lease but now I am very excited. But you have to think about so much now we are moving to an actual apartment. For the first time ever we have to contact a powercompany and a water distribution company and all that. I was just looking online for the prices and different contracts and I just don't know where to start.
This new home did not come at the best time because with everything we have to arrange for the new apartment bf had to arrange the bachelor party for his best friend (who is marrying bf's sister) and I was invited for the bachelorparty of this sister. This weekend we have a wedding party next weekend a 'real' wedding and the weekend after that it is bf's birthday. My boyfriend is the best man at the wedding and also working his ass off on a project that was supposed to take 10 days but is now prolonged and he was already a bit stressed out about all this and now there is a new house to think about on top of it!
Luckily I have the nicest parents, my mum came over wednesday when we got the keys to the apartment to check it out and make pictures of the floor and electricity and drainage pipes for my dad and they are coming tomorrow and staying in our new house for the weekend to hang some of the walls with new wallpaper and paint everything while we are at a wedding party... :) Yesterday we bought wallpaper and paint, white and a blue/turquoise color for the kitchen and bedroom that is called 'sea' (there was another turquoisecolor which was called 'satisfaction' but unfortunatly it was twice as expensive, I would have rather had satisfaction on my walls than sea, wouldn't you?).
The positive side of the fact that my boyfriend is stressed out and is leaving me sort of in charge of the new apartment is that I can create a quiltroom if I want to... haha... and maybe a little corner somewhere for his computer and guitars. As soon as things are a bit more relaxed I'll show you some pictures of our new home and my quiltroom ;-)