Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It is a lovely sunny morning again here. I love this time of year when you can just pick up your bag and go somewhere without a coat or loads of suncream! I miss having a balcony now, there is a 'garden' at my new house but then I have to take a chair outside along with a drink, my keys and a book or quiltproject but if I wanted to quilt I need some sort of table to put my pincushion, needles, thread and everything else on... In my old house we had a balcony with some old fauteuils and a balcony table! Perfect! But I might move again soon, or we might move again soon because bf and I are going to look at an apartment tomorrow. Very exciting!

I haven't quilted much with Easter. Watched Jesus Christ Superstar just like my mom and of course I sang all the songs along way to loud too (bf played a pc game and put on a headphone) while painting some eastereggs. I think no one is to old to paint eggs with Easter and they looked very nice on the breakfast table I made in the morning. The only thing my bf didn't understand was that I cooked two more eggs, he wanted to eat my easter eggs! They were way to pretty of course and are still on display in the kitchen!! :-D

We also went to the Keukenhof ( and were not the only ones with that bright idea... lots of Germans and French people and very few Dutch :-P We heard on the news that we were among 50.000 other visitors but it was really nice. It is just a huge garden with flowers everywhere. I bought some tulips for my mom because these are her favorite flowers and we came across 3 bromelias which were grown by bf's uncle!

p.s. de tulp op het plaatje is dus jouw tulp mam :P een parkiet tulp...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


You'll never guess what happened to me this week. it was a nice spring day and I was shopping.. trying to buy some nice, new, spring/summer clothes and I couldn't find anything that was both nice and in my size. Then I found myself in the sportsdepartment of a big warehouse, I went home and suddenly I found myself, wearing my new sport pants and skates, in the park across the street! Oh my god!
And since then I have been skating every day, except one work day and yesterday it was raining.. There is a big park just across the street, a part of it are now gardens you can rent or buy and the rest of the park is very quiet and the only people you run into are runners or skaters or someone walking their dog. I posted a satellitepicture and the red line marks the park. I am very proud of myself and when it is summer I will be very slim and everybody will be jealous, hahaha.

And I dug up an old quiltproject. Or actually, my first quiltingproject.. I patchworked a lot but never finished anything so that it could be quilted and I claimed I didn't like quilting at all. Then I had to do it because I wanted to finish my sampler and send it to an exhibition. Our neighbour and quiltingfriend then gave me quiltingthread and a ca. 40x40 cm little 'quilt' with the quiltpattern already drawn so I could practice my skills. I came halfway and then decided to start on my 'real' quilt. This week I have been working on this again and tried to make a picture of it to put on my blog which was absolutely impossible because it is just one big square of red fabric and red quiltingthread... Ill try again when it is finished!