Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just another week...

Luckily no underlined text in this post.. I heard other bloggers were having the same problem so it wasn't something I had done... :)
Not much quilting going on this week, Im a bit stressed because I have 2 exams at the end of this week and I have to study hard of course. I also have a 'safety-meeting' from the archaeological employment agency I work for, which is obligatory and it is tomorrow evening. I am curious about what it will be but we'll see.. And at the end of this week there is an annual archaeological lecture and my friend wants me to go to with him and signed me up for it, busy week! But, after the lecture everyone is always going for a drink so that will be fun and saturday will be too because I am going home for the birthday of my brother!

So although my sewingmachine is still on the table I haven't done anything with my 'blended quilt' this week.. thought about it a lot though ;-) What I've also been thinking about is the 39 yards of fabric mama spark bought a week ago! :-D Fabric here is so much more expensive then it is in the USA, I would have to be rich to buy 39 yards.. But I think if it was the same price here I would buy yards and yards too, then I still had to be very rich because I have to have a house with an extra large storageroom for all my fabrics ánd a sewingroom too of course!!!

And what I haven't told you yet.. the babyquilt is in Australia and they really liked it. Bf's dad filmed them as they opened my present and it was kind of weird watching 'my' quilt being there. And as they were looking at my quiltstichtes very carefully I thoughtsomething like: 'Oh no, not all those stitches are as neatly as I wanted them to be.' and they said something like: 'I can't believe she did this by hand, the stitches are so regular and nicely done!'
I think it is really funny that when you make something for another person you see all the flaws and they just love it! I've never made a quilt for someone else but this was a succes! :-D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A quick post

A quick post because Im at work... Here are two designs I made for my Australia quilt in EQ and I have been very busy this week and look what happened when bf wasn't at home ;-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy week!

I have been so busy this week! Working, studying and of course designing my australiaquilt... :-P I googled some pictures of Aboriginal art and 'aboriginal-quilts', which are mainly quilts made with these Australia/aboriginal fabrics. Aboriginal art consists of lots of dots usually and they draw lots of geometric forms and lines. I also found a quiltpattern that is very simple and I think very nice to make a quilt that, if you play with the blocks, appears to have some sort of geometric forms and lots of lines.
I searched and found my cd of EQ again and tried to draw the block and assemble the quilt but that didn't go as smoothly as it was supposed to go because I didn't remember the exact layout of it.. Because I don't have internet at home I could not google it again and because the blocks are so very simple it really frustrated me.
But, I just printed out the picture so I can try again when I get home. I do have to calculate if I have enough fabric for a bedsize quilt. If not I have some shopping to do! :D

The first picture is the quilt design I will use and the last two are Aboriginal art. I'll post a picture of my EQ design after the weekend.

This weekend is going to be very busy too! I am going to Maaseik, Belgium with a friend, bf, mom and sister. There is an exhibition of The Terracotta Army of Xi’an. This army was found in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuangdi and consists of thousands of unique pieces of foot soldiers, cavalrymen with horses, archers and charioteers. These statues (a few of them) being in Belgium right now is exceptionally because these artifacts are rarely allowed to travel. It is not the same as visiting the tomb where these statues still remain exactly as they were found by archaeologists but at least we can see something of it!
P.S. OMG! I have another follower! Hurrah! :-D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I am slowly turning our apartment into a sewingroom... Last week I brought my sewingmachine to my new home and yesterday my sister came and had a bag with her containing some of my unfinished quiltprojects from which my mom thinks it is about time Ill finish them. To make that perfectly clear she even included some fabric for the back of the quilts. You may have noticed that I made a list of all my current projects at the bottom of my blog.. and I intend to finish them all, in time :-P Allthough I think I am quitting my vliscofabricquilt because is has a very nasty coffeestain on it, which is weird because I seldom drink coffee, and I don't like it that much anymore..
The one I am going to work on is my blended quilt. I had that one almost finished but because I cut half of the fabrics with scissors and half with a rotarycutter I had to recut all of the handcut fabrics and resew the whole quilt, I recut almost everything but now I have to sort out the whole quilt again and sew it all together. When I finish the top of the quilt I am going to start my australiaquilt. Then Ill have something to quilt and to sew! I promised myself I won't cut any of the australiafabrics before I got along with my blendedquilt but searching for a good design for it won't hurt anything.... :-D
Ill post a picture later this week of this project!