Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This weekend I am going home for carnival! Where I live now they don't do carnival actually.. It is something which is celebrated in the south of country and all the people here don't really like it BUT my bf has to come with me this year. He has to experience the whole carnival thing at least one time :-D He is going to wear a jalabba, he bought one as a souvenir when he went to Syria years ago and he has worn it to every costume party since. I usually go as a witch, my mom and I have perfected our witch costume over the years but I thought it was time for something else.

To match my bf I thought I buy a haremcostume but because they don't do carnival up here the only costume you can buy is a pirate or princess costume for children! That really frustrated me because I know of 2 very large stores where you can buy any costume you want in the area where my parents live. So I found a pattern of harempants on the internet and yesterdayevening I cut an old cloth and tried if I could make one, before I bought nice fabric and ruin it..(Frustration number 2, there are no fabric stores in this city!!!). That actually turned out quite well.. But I don't have my sewingmachine here yet :(

So, right now my mom is on her way to one of these big stores to see if they have a costume which makes me look like Jasmine from Aladdin and if not, I am going to buy myself some nice fabric on the market and make my own! Maybe Ill try that anyway because it only cost 2 euro a metre... Who would've thought I would make my own pants!! :-D

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...

We've had a good start this morning.. My bf went to work but was back in 10 min because someone tried to steal his car last night! They failed, luckily, but the door was damaged and they tried something with the wires underneath the steeringwheel. He called the police and 2 very tough detectives (rechercheurs) arrived and immediatly started to 'investigate' our 'crime scene' which I found really reassuring. They even took some 'evidence' of the break in in the car with them allthough I would've liked to see some fingerprint tracing brush etc used on a cardboard yoghurt drink the 'thieves' had left in the car like they do in the C.S.I. tvshow :-P The car and bf are at the garage now where they are fixing the car so everything is ok now but it is a bit of a scare in the early morning!!

As soon as I get home I am going to sew the label on the babyquilt because it is going to Australia next week! (I'll post a picture of the label next time) I am very excited and very curious to their reaction on such a gift. I'll hope they like it :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've moved in...

I am officially living together now. :-D And the picture shows you (more or less) where I live. It used to be a monastery but now there are studentrooms and they created some apartments in the chapel. It isn't very big, 35 m2, but it is ok and much better than my studentroom of 10m2. Plus, I don't have to share a bathroom and kitchen with 14 other people anymore! Packing and moving all my stuff was a lot of work. It is incredible what rubbish you can collect over 5 years in such a small room. Everything I don't necasseraly need right now is carefully packed in boxes and already in my newly rented storage room and the rest of my stuff all fits in my bf's apartment! I only need a little cupboard for my quiltstuff.. Yesterday my sister and Corrine came for a visit as they were moving my sister out of her studentroom back to my parents and they said I cunningly added my things to bf's room, my first (mini)quilt on the notice board, cowmagnets on the refrigerator (I collect cows), another quilt on a stool. I think my bf has nothing to complain about my things suddenly being everywhere :-P... just wait till I have my sewing machine...