Friday, July 03, 2009

Quick post

I have got access to the internet again! :D But until we are properly connected to the internet we have a usbstick that provides wireless access. This stick however is limited in use and only goes up to 500 MB (whatever that means). I think that must be enough to show you my new quiltroom!!

I haven’t quilted anything yet in it but it’s there waiting for me.. and now my mum and Corrine can finally come to my house and go quilt and patchwork here. We made jokes about that happening since I have moved to Leiden because I lived in a 10 m2 room but now it has to happen :) The downside is that if I am going to organise a quilt get-together my boyfriend thinks he has the right to invite his friends in my quiltroom too and play computergames all day, hahaha. Luckily I have a big loveseat which is very good for watching tv and quilting at the same time. When I have full access to the internet I’ll show you what Im working on at the moment.

Edit: I can't upload any pictures at all.. if it is the slow connection or blogger I don't know but you'll have to wait to see them!!


Corrine said...

JAAAAA leuk een quilt bijeenkomst in leiden!! Moeten we gauw een afspraak maken voor je moeder op vakantie is...

groet, Corrine

Annemiek said...

Yééj!! BF zal niet weten wat hem overkomt :) en...hij kan intussen dan dus NIET computeren..ahhh