Saturday, July 18, 2009

Living on your own..

...also means you actually have to do all the DIY chores yourself :-P But with a few calls to our dads we managed to fix some last things in our new home. And as a finishing touch, the mailman brought us a package today and we've got internet!! Hurrah! So I am totally back in blogland.
And as we have to get used to some aspects of living on your own, we also have to get used to living together. I moved in with my bf 3 monthes ago in his old apartment/room but not much changed then exceptwe put in one extra cupboard. Now we had to set up and decorate this home together which is sometimes a bit of a challenge. But Ill let him have his ugly but very comfortable office chair if I can have my bright red cheerful one... :D The other thing is that this house feels so big sometimes, and it really isnt.. But our studentrooms were a little over 10 m2 and bf's previous one room apartment was a little over 30 m2 so we have been used to be around each other all the time and now we have 5 rooms to be in! So when Im making diner in the kitchen I just start talking assuming bf can hear me but instead of a proper response he walks in the kitchen 10 minutes later asking me if it was me who said something or if it was some noise from outside, lol.

Having the space to do some stitching and quilting is great by the way.. and since I made a list of all my UFO's I have been quilting a lot. I finished my Leiden quilt and almost finished my 'Quiltslag'. The last one is a small 'whole cloth' to practice quilting for the first time but I did not have the patience to finish that one and started quilting my sampler and left this one in a box for over 2 years. It is almost finished now but I can't quilt the border because I have no quiltpatterns here, or the tools to make one myself. Then there is my second archaeology quilt, MDHP-12, which is almost done too. I hope I can put them on the finished projects list next week or so!

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Annemiek said...

Haha, zal wel wennen zijn ja van een hokje naar een huis:)
Jammer dat ik alle quiltpatronen hier heb..misschien moet je een dagje hier komen patchen :p