Monday, May 04, 2009

Big brown paper envelopes

It has been a while since my last post... because I was ill (all better now because of some anti-biotics) and very busy with other things of course :-) But I see I have new followers, in total 6 followers now, yaayy :-D
I shall explain what has been keeping me busy this last week which is not very quilting related Im afraid... My friend and I read an article in the newspaper last monday about a journalist who has hidden 250 brown paper envelopes in the easter weekend all over the country. In those envelopes is a number and a letter. If you find one he wants you to sent it back with an item in the envelope that has a story. He is then going to find out what that story is! I read this on monday at work and looked at the site/blog where this reporter keeps track of all the envelopes ( and there is also a map of the netherlands with the places the envelopes were hidden and hint to were it is and sometimes a picture. I found out that there were still 2 envelopes in the town where I live and 3 where my friend lives... I went to dinner with my friend and he said he'd drop me off at my place after dinner but instead we drove by my house, picked up bf, I called my sister to look on the internet for me where these envelopes were exactly and we went on a search for a busstop (see picture). My sister found out that there was an envelope at a nearby service station, convinced our dad they had to drive there NOW and when they arrived she found out that there was an envelope and some guy who worked there thought it was a stupid joke or something and threw it away! Still she was more lucky than we were, we drove to both places but we never found the busstop in the picture and the other location did not have a picture only a the word "candy?" and when we arrived at the spot it was in the middle of a residential area... So, we were on a search the whole evening and whitout succes. These two envelopes are still not found according to the site but it has been almost 3 weeks since this reporter hid them, I guess they are just lost now!

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