Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I am slowly turning our apartment into a sewingroom... Last week I brought my sewingmachine to my new home and yesterday my sister came and had a bag with her containing some of my unfinished quiltprojects from which my mom thinks it is about time Ill finish them. To make that perfectly clear she even included some fabric for the back of the quilts. You may have noticed that I made a list of all my current projects at the bottom of my blog.. and I intend to finish them all, in time :-P Allthough I think I am quitting my vliscofabricquilt because is has a very nasty coffeestain on it, which is weird because I seldom drink coffee, and I don't like it that much anymore..
The one I am going to work on is my blended quilt. I had that one almost finished but because I cut half of the fabrics with scissors and half with a rotarycutter I had to recut all of the handcut fabrics and resew the whole quilt, I recut almost everything but now I have to sort out the whole quilt again and sew it all together. When I finish the top of the quilt I am going to start my australiaquilt. Then Ill have something to quilt and to sew! I promised myself I won't cut any of the australiafabrics before I got along with my blendedquilt but searching for a good design for it won't hurt anything.... :-D
Ill post a picture later this week of this project!


Annemiek said...

Mmmmm, jammer dat de tas al zo zwaar was anders had ik wel wat meer ufo-achterkanten meegegeven :)
Ik was al bang dat de Australië lapjes meegeven weer een nieuw project zou "triggeren". Ach ja, als je maar bezig blijft, daar gaat het om!

MYRA said...

Sounds like you are indeed on a roll now Lotte! Good for you!
Happy stitchings! 8-)

Cybele's patch said...

En heeft je BF nog niet geprotesteerd? Tegen de tijd dat je UFO's af zijn, is hij eraan gewend ;-)