Saturday, July 18, 2009

Living on your own..

...also means you actually have to do all the DIY chores yourself :-P But with a few calls to our dads we managed to fix some last things in our new home. And as a finishing touch, the mailman brought us a package today and we've got internet!! Hurrah! So I am totally back in blogland.
And as we have to get used to some aspects of living on your own, we also have to get used to living together. I moved in with my bf 3 monthes ago in his old apartment/room but not much changed then exceptwe put in one extra cupboard. Now we had to set up and decorate this home together which is sometimes a bit of a challenge. But Ill let him have his ugly but very comfortable office chair if I can have my bright red cheerful one... :D The other thing is that this house feels so big sometimes, and it really isnt.. But our studentrooms were a little over 10 m2 and bf's previous one room apartment was a little over 30 m2 so we have been used to be around each other all the time and now we have 5 rooms to be in! So when Im making diner in the kitchen I just start talking assuming bf can hear me but instead of a proper response he walks in the kitchen 10 minutes later asking me if it was me who said something or if it was some noise from outside, lol.

Having the space to do some stitching and quilting is great by the way.. and since I made a list of all my UFO's I have been quilting a lot. I finished my Leiden quilt and almost finished my 'Quiltslag'. The last one is a small 'whole cloth' to practice quilting for the first time but I did not have the patience to finish that one and started quilting my sampler and left this one in a box for over 2 years. It is almost finished now but I can't quilt the border because I have no quiltpatterns here, or the tools to make one myself. Then there is my second archaeology quilt, MDHP-12, which is almost done too. I hope I can put them on the finished projects list next week or so!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not quilting, but crafting

Today I have been busy in my quiltroom but not with fabric or thread. Here is a picture of the quiltroom (finally) when my mum and I were quilting in it. The other picture shows you what I have been doing today. I do not know the english word for this thing but we call it an 'etagère'. I saw this at a friends house and I really liked the idea of making one which plates and cups etc. So I went out to buy some nice and cheap plates, cups and bowls to make my own.. because there was a lot on sale and I got carried away I ended up with a whole bag full of tableware and made three. Two black and red and one red, white and blue which I'll give to my mum. Then my sister, who loves to make muffins and cupcakes, has a nice display for all her bakings. The other two I am going to use next weekend when we are having a housewarmingparty. I just hope I have used the right glue and they won't fall apart... haha

I have been busy quilting though.. I made a list of all my current UFO's and all my finished projects. Not a very good result, but I have finished two projects so far and a third one is almost done. I will tell you more about this when I have been properly connected to the internet, hopefully next week, and uploading a picture doesn't take hours :P

Friday, July 03, 2009

Quick post

I have got access to the internet again! :D But until we are properly connected to the internet we have a usbstick that provides wireless access. This stick however is limited in use and only goes up to 500 MB (whatever that means). I think that must be enough to show you my new quiltroom!!

I haven’t quilted anything yet in it but it’s there waiting for me.. and now my mum and Corrine can finally come to my house and go quilt and patchwork here. We made jokes about that happening since I have moved to Leiden because I lived in a 10 m2 room but now it has to happen :) The downside is that if I am going to organise a quilt get-together my boyfriend thinks he has the right to invite his friends in my quiltroom too and play computergames all day, hahaha. Luckily I have a big loveseat which is very good for watching tv and quilting at the same time. When I have full access to the internet I’ll show you what Im working on at the moment.

Edit: I can't upload any pictures at all.. if it is the slow connection or blogger I don't know but you'll have to wait to see them!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A weddingday, movingday and a birthday!

My sister-in-law's weddingday was last friday. It was a wonderful day, the wheater was perfect, everybody looked great and every little detail was perfect. My boyfriend was going to give a speech during the dinner and I have never seen him so nervous! He did great of course and made the whole weddingparty cry :)
The next day we went to our new home where my parents were already wallpapering etc (again) and they had a surprise for us! They had bought the glass cabinet we wanted to put our archaeological stuff (some pottery, sherds, flint etc) in and a worktable for under the window in our quilt/computerroom. :D
We did a lot of work this weekend and we have to paint one wall and then it is finished to this saturday is movingday! Some friend and family are coming to help us move and I cant wait! This also means internetacces again so I can blog all the time!!

Today I wanted to buy bf a birthdaypresent because it is his birthday monday. I had a poster in mind of amsterdam that would look great in our new home but then he told me he didnt like it. So I made a plan B, buy an old map of the city. He already has some old maps but few are actually framed. I just stopped by the shop I saw a really nice one and they are closed till july! Now I have to go and find something else....

Friday, June 12, 2009

a new home!

Yes, we are moving to a bigger and better apartment! I was a bit nervous about it before we signed the lease but now I am very excited. But you have to think about so much now we are moving to an actual apartment. For the first time ever we have to contact a powercompany and a water distribution company and all that. I was just looking online for the prices and different contracts and I just don't know where to start.
This new home did not come at the best time because with everything we have to arrange for the new apartment bf had to arrange the bachelor party for his best friend (who is marrying bf's sister) and I was invited for the bachelorparty of this sister. This weekend we have a wedding party next weekend a 'real' wedding and the weekend after that it is bf's birthday. My boyfriend is the best man at the wedding and also working his ass off on a project that was supposed to take 10 days but is now prolonged and he was already a bit stressed out about all this and now there is a new house to think about on top of it!
Luckily I have the nicest parents, my mum came over wednesday when we got the keys to the apartment to check it out and make pictures of the floor and electricity and drainage pipes for my dad and they are coming tomorrow and staying in our new house for the weekend to hang some of the walls with new wallpaper and paint everything while we are at a wedding party... :) Yesterday we bought wallpaper and paint, white and a blue/turquoise color for the kitchen and bedroom that is called 'sea' (there was another turquoisecolor which was called 'satisfaction' but unfortunatly it was twice as expensive, I would have rather had satisfaction on my walls than sea, wouldn't you?).
The positive side of the fact that my boyfriend is stressed out and is leaving me sort of in charge of the new apartment is that I can create a quiltroom if I want to... haha... and maybe a little corner somewhere for his computer and guitars. As soon as things are a bit more relaxed I'll show you some pictures of our new home and my quiltroom ;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

It was my birthday last saturday and my boyfriend gave me a diamond ring! OMG! He had planned a visit into town and had a clear idea of what it had to look like and he bought me the ring (or rings actually) in the picture. They look even better on my finger :-P. My birthday already had a good start on fridayevening when the whole bar started to sing 'Happy Birthday' when it was 12 o'clock and the following morning my parents came over and had prepared a breakfast. My bf and I spent the rest of the weekend on Texel, a island in the Wadden sea. I will post some pictures tomorrow but I had to show you my bling bling!! :-D

Note: Lotte has no internetacces at her home, and she asked me to edit this post. According to emails/comments she got, you're getting the wrong idea about her birthday present! Although it might be dissapointing to some (and a relief to others..): she's not engaged to be married. Her BF just wanted to give her some nice jewelry for her birthday and that's all :)

Annemiek (the girls mum)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Pictures! I quickly made these photo's before going to school today.. This is the cowpattern I needed the inch ruler for. I had cut everything and started putting the cows together yesterdayevening and I need a bigger worktable! Because it was advised to cut everything beforehand and pile all the pieces up to keep you from mixing up different 'cowfabrics' my whole worktable was covered with pieces of cow. I had to put the iron on the sideboard and it became a sort of organised chaos. Luckily my bf wasn't home, haha. He is working at the other end of the country this week and staying in a hotel there, but he called yesterday to tell me he is coming home today instead of friday! :-D

I also have a picture of the aboriginal fabrics I bought this weekend. Top left are the fabrics I bought, and below left are the original fabrics I got from my bf and his parents from Australia. Below on the right are fabrics which are inspired by the original fabrics and top right are just nice fabrics that go well with everything else. The fabrics I bought have very different colors than I already had which is good because I was afraid it was going to be a very red/pink and lightbrown/orange quilt. I still haven't made a decision about the design of the quilt and I think it is best to leave this project in the cupboard for a while because I have just started this cow-wallhanging!

Monday, May 04, 2009

European Quilt Championship

This weekend we went to the european quilt championship. We, Corrine, my mum and me, were really looking forward to this event because it has been a long time since we went on a 'quiltingtrip'. There were some nice quilts on display but also a lot which aren't really 'my cup of tea'. The display of the quilts wasn't so good either, they usually have every quilt on a different wooden board set up through a big hall but this time all the shops were in the middle of the hall and on the walls of the big hall were the quilts. There were also 2 or 3 quilts hanging above each other with poor lighting and sometimes we could not even read the badge if they had won a prize!! We spent all day there anyhow ;-) This exhibition is in a big hotel/conference center surrounded by woods. They have a nice terrace where we had some coffee and applepie in the sun and we had a fun day.
I bought some fabrics of course and one fabric I bought proves there was poor lighting in the hall. It has green and orange leaves on it and I thought this might go with my aboriginal quilt fabrics. When I came home I saw it has lots of golden dots! And I don't like fabrics with gold in it... :-( Luckily that wasn't the only thing I bought. I found some real aboriginal fabrics and I got one black and white and one red and white fabric I intend to use for a little cow quilt. I wanted to post a picture of those but I forgot to make one so I will put those on later.

When I wanted to start on this cowquilt yesterday I forgot that the instructions are in inches and I don't have an inch ruler! So I called my mum and while we were talking about how to fix this my dad was already trying to fit my mums inch rulers on his motorcycle and he brought them to me! Now I can make these cows! :-D

And I see I have another new follower, oh my god, Im popular, haha... I tried to take a look at her blog but I got distracted by the 'Which Jane Austen heroine are you?' quiz... of course I would like to be Elizabeth Bennet but I am apparently more like Marianne Dashwood which isn't bad either.. a fling with Willoughby and to end up with Colonel Brandon :D Look in my side bar for the link to the quiz!!

Big brown paper envelopes

It has been a while since my last post... because I was ill (all better now because of some anti-biotics) and very busy with other things of course :-) But I see I have new followers, in total 6 followers now, yaayy :-D
I shall explain what has been keeping me busy this last week which is not very quilting related Im afraid... My friend and I read an article in the newspaper last monday about a journalist who has hidden 250 brown paper envelopes in the easter weekend all over the country. In those envelopes is a number and a letter. If you find one he wants you to sent it back with an item in the envelope that has a story. He is then going to find out what that story is! I read this on monday at work and looked at the site/blog where this reporter keeps track of all the envelopes ( and there is also a map of the netherlands with the places the envelopes were hidden and hint to were it is and sometimes a picture. I found out that there were still 2 envelopes in the town where I live and 3 where my friend lives... I went to dinner with my friend and he said he'd drop me off at my place after dinner but instead we drove by my house, picked up bf, I called my sister to look on the internet for me where these envelopes were exactly and we went on a search for a busstop (see picture). My sister found out that there was an envelope at a nearby service station, convinced our dad they had to drive there NOW and when they arrived she found out that there was an envelope and some guy who worked there thought it was a stupid joke or something and threw it away! Still she was more lucky than we were, we drove to both places but we never found the busstop in the picture and the other location did not have a picture only a the word "candy?" and when we arrived at the spot it was in the middle of a residential area... So, we were on a search the whole evening and whitout succes. These two envelopes are still not found according to the site but it has been almost 3 weeks since this reporter hid them, I guess they are just lost now!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It is a lovely sunny morning again here. I love this time of year when you can just pick up your bag and go somewhere without a coat or loads of suncream! I miss having a balcony now, there is a 'garden' at my new house but then I have to take a chair outside along with a drink, my keys and a book or quiltproject but if I wanted to quilt I need some sort of table to put my pincushion, needles, thread and everything else on... In my old house we had a balcony with some old fauteuils and a balcony table! Perfect! But I might move again soon, or we might move again soon because bf and I are going to look at an apartment tomorrow. Very exciting!

I haven't quilted much with Easter. Watched Jesus Christ Superstar just like my mom and of course I sang all the songs along way to loud too (bf played a pc game and put on a headphone) while painting some eastereggs. I think no one is to old to paint eggs with Easter and they looked very nice on the breakfast table I made in the morning. The only thing my bf didn't understand was that I cooked two more eggs, he wanted to eat my easter eggs! They were way to pretty of course and are still on display in the kitchen!! :-D

We also went to the Keukenhof ( and were not the only ones with that bright idea... lots of Germans and French people and very few Dutch :-P We heard on the news that we were among 50.000 other visitors but it was really nice. It is just a huge garden with flowers everywhere. I bought some tulips for my mom because these are her favorite flowers and we came across 3 bromelias which were grown by bf's uncle!

p.s. de tulp op het plaatje is dus jouw tulp mam :P een parkiet tulp...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


You'll never guess what happened to me this week. it was a nice spring day and I was shopping.. trying to buy some nice, new, spring/summer clothes and I couldn't find anything that was both nice and in my size. Then I found myself in the sportsdepartment of a big warehouse, I went home and suddenly I found myself, wearing my new sport pants and skates, in the park across the street! Oh my god!
And since then I have been skating every day, except one work day and yesterday it was raining.. There is a big park just across the street, a part of it are now gardens you can rent or buy and the rest of the park is very quiet and the only people you run into are runners or skaters or someone walking their dog. I posted a satellitepicture and the red line marks the park. I am very proud of myself and when it is summer I will be very slim and everybody will be jealous, hahaha.

And I dug up an old quiltproject. Or actually, my first quiltingproject.. I patchworked a lot but never finished anything so that it could be quilted and I claimed I didn't like quilting at all. Then I had to do it because I wanted to finish my sampler and send it to an exhibition. Our neighbour and quiltingfriend then gave me quiltingthread and a ca. 40x40 cm little 'quilt' with the quiltpattern already drawn so I could practice my skills. I came halfway and then decided to start on my 'real' quilt. This week I have been working on this again and tried to make a picture of it to put on my blog which was absolutely impossible because it is just one big square of red fabric and red quiltingthread... Ill try again when it is finished!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just another week...

Luckily no underlined text in this post.. I heard other bloggers were having the same problem so it wasn't something I had done... :)
Not much quilting going on this week, Im a bit stressed because I have 2 exams at the end of this week and I have to study hard of course. I also have a 'safety-meeting' from the archaeological employment agency I work for, which is obligatory and it is tomorrow evening. I am curious about what it will be but we'll see.. And at the end of this week there is an annual archaeological lecture and my friend wants me to go to with him and signed me up for it, busy week! But, after the lecture everyone is always going for a drink so that will be fun and saturday will be too because I am going home for the birthday of my brother!

So although my sewingmachine is still on the table I haven't done anything with my 'blended quilt' this week.. thought about it a lot though ;-) What I've also been thinking about is the 39 yards of fabric mama spark bought a week ago! :-D Fabric here is so much more expensive then it is in the USA, I would have to be rich to buy 39 yards.. But I think if it was the same price here I would buy yards and yards too, then I still had to be very rich because I have to have a house with an extra large storageroom for all my fabrics ánd a sewingroom too of course!!!

And what I haven't told you yet.. the babyquilt is in Australia and they really liked it. Bf's dad filmed them as they opened my present and it was kind of weird watching 'my' quilt being there. And as they were looking at my quiltstichtes very carefully I thoughtsomething like: 'Oh no, not all those stitches are as neatly as I wanted them to be.' and they said something like: 'I can't believe she did this by hand, the stitches are so regular and nicely done!'
I think it is really funny that when you make something for another person you see all the flaws and they just love it! I've never made a quilt for someone else but this was a succes! :-D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A quick post

A quick post because Im at work... Here are two designs I made for my Australia quilt in EQ and I have been very busy this week and look what happened when bf wasn't at home ;-)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy week!

I have been so busy this week! Working, studying and of course designing my australiaquilt... :-P I googled some pictures of Aboriginal art and 'aboriginal-quilts', which are mainly quilts made with these Australia/aboriginal fabrics. Aboriginal art consists of lots of dots usually and they draw lots of geometric forms and lines. I also found a quiltpattern that is very simple and I think very nice to make a quilt that, if you play with the blocks, appears to have some sort of geometric forms and lots of lines.
I searched and found my cd of EQ again and tried to draw the block and assemble the quilt but that didn't go as smoothly as it was supposed to go because I didn't remember the exact layout of it.. Because I don't have internet at home I could not google it again and because the blocks are so very simple it really frustrated me.
But, I just printed out the picture so I can try again when I get home. I do have to calculate if I have enough fabric for a bedsize quilt. If not I have some shopping to do! :D

The first picture is the quilt design I will use and the last two are Aboriginal art. I'll post a picture of my EQ design after the weekend.

This weekend is going to be very busy too! I am going to Maaseik, Belgium with a friend, bf, mom and sister. There is an exhibition of The Terracotta Army of Xi’an. This army was found in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuangdi and consists of thousands of unique pieces of foot soldiers, cavalrymen with horses, archers and charioteers. These statues (a few of them) being in Belgium right now is exceptionally because these artifacts are rarely allowed to travel. It is not the same as visiting the tomb where these statues still remain exactly as they were found by archaeologists but at least we can see something of it!
P.S. OMG! I have another follower! Hurrah! :-D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I am slowly turning our apartment into a sewingroom... Last week I brought my sewingmachine to my new home and yesterday my sister came and had a bag with her containing some of my unfinished quiltprojects from which my mom thinks it is about time Ill finish them. To make that perfectly clear she even included some fabric for the back of the quilts. You may have noticed that I made a list of all my current projects at the bottom of my blog.. and I intend to finish them all, in time :-P Allthough I think I am quitting my vliscofabricquilt because is has a very nasty coffeestain on it, which is weird because I seldom drink coffee, and I don't like it that much anymore..
The one I am going to work on is my blended quilt. I had that one almost finished but because I cut half of the fabrics with scissors and half with a rotarycutter I had to recut all of the handcut fabrics and resew the whole quilt, I recut almost everything but now I have to sort out the whole quilt again and sew it all together. When I finish the top of the quilt I am going to start my australiaquilt. Then Ill have something to quilt and to sew! I promised myself I won't cut any of the australiafabrics before I got along with my blendedquilt but searching for a good design for it won't hurt anything.... :-D
Ill post a picture later this week of this project!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This weekend I am going home for carnival! Where I live now they don't do carnival actually.. It is something which is celebrated in the south of country and all the people here don't really like it BUT my bf has to come with me this year. He has to experience the whole carnival thing at least one time :-D He is going to wear a jalabba, he bought one as a souvenir when he went to Syria years ago and he has worn it to every costume party since. I usually go as a witch, my mom and I have perfected our witch costume over the years but I thought it was time for something else.

To match my bf I thought I buy a haremcostume but because they don't do carnival up here the only costume you can buy is a pirate or princess costume for children! That really frustrated me because I know of 2 very large stores where you can buy any costume you want in the area where my parents live. So I found a pattern of harempants on the internet and yesterdayevening I cut an old cloth and tried if I could make one, before I bought nice fabric and ruin it..(Frustration number 2, there are no fabric stores in this city!!!). That actually turned out quite well.. But I don't have my sewingmachine here yet :(

So, right now my mom is on her way to one of these big stores to see if they have a costume which makes me look like Jasmine from Aladdin and if not, I am going to buy myself some nice fabric on the market and make my own! Maybe Ill try that anyway because it only cost 2 euro a metre... Who would've thought I would make my own pants!! :-D

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...

We've had a good start this morning.. My bf went to work but was back in 10 min because someone tried to steal his car last night! They failed, luckily, but the door was damaged and they tried something with the wires underneath the steeringwheel. He called the police and 2 very tough detectives (rechercheurs) arrived and immediatly started to 'investigate' our 'crime scene' which I found really reassuring. They even took some 'evidence' of the break in in the car with them allthough I would've liked to see some fingerprint tracing brush etc used on a cardboard yoghurt drink the 'thieves' had left in the car like they do in the C.S.I. tvshow :-P The car and bf are at the garage now where they are fixing the car so everything is ok now but it is a bit of a scare in the early morning!!

As soon as I get home I am going to sew the label on the babyquilt because it is going to Australia next week! (I'll post a picture of the label next time) I am very excited and very curious to their reaction on such a gift. I'll hope they like it :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've moved in...

I am officially living together now. :-D And the picture shows you (more or less) where I live. It used to be a monastery but now there are studentrooms and they created some apartments in the chapel. It isn't very big, 35 m2, but it is ok and much better than my studentroom of 10m2. Plus, I don't have to share a bathroom and kitchen with 14 other people anymore! Packing and moving all my stuff was a lot of work. It is incredible what rubbish you can collect over 5 years in such a small room. Everything I don't necasseraly need right now is carefully packed in boxes and already in my newly rented storage room and the rest of my stuff all fits in my bf's apartment! I only need a little cupboard for my quiltstuff.. Yesterday my sister and Corrine came for a visit as they were moving my sister out of her studentroom back to my parents and they said I cunningly added my things to bf's room, my first (mini)quilt on the notice board, cowmagnets on the refrigerator (I collect cows), another quilt on a stool. I think my bf has nothing to complain about my things suddenly being everywhere :-P... just wait till I have my sewing machine...

Friday, January 30, 2009


Yaayy, a new post in almost a month! Life got in the way of blogging. I have been very busy with the holidays, university, work, family and our moving plans; but, yesterday I got a package in the mail from my bf sister and she sent me these two panels. This came precisly on the right moment to cheer me up! My classes start next week again so then I will have a regular schedule again and I'll put in some extra time for blogging ánd quilting!