Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Lots of party's got in my way! I showed you my wig before and this weekend me and my boyfriend dressed up like Al and Peggy Bundy. We picked up some friends of bf (Kitt and Micheal Knight) and drove all the way to Belgium where the 80s-90s tv theme party was. I expected everyone to be dressed up as some character but that was not the case! More than half the people were just theirselfs (and boring, if you ask me ;-P). We had a nice time anyhow and drove back home the next morning.
Then last monday my best friend graduated from University and is now officially 'Master of Arts in Archaeology'. I never went to a graduation before and I found it a little dissapointing. First my friend had to come up to a room and talk about his thesis. Friends and family had to wait outside, then he came back and we could all join him and the actual 'ceremony' took place. But there was no ceremony! Just a short and very nice speech from one of his teachers (who is also a personal friend) and he got his diploma. On the other hand, if you are graduating you must be so nervous you just want it to be over, very quickly! Here in Leiden it is also a tradition that once you are graduated you get to sign the walls of 'het zweetkamertje' ('the sweatroom'). This was the room that they used years ago to talk about your thesis etc. and even the autographs of the royal family who studied in Leiden are still on those walls!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good, bad and....

Bad news.. My wallet got stolen today!! I was in an H&M store and my whole backpack was unzipped and it was gone, of course I first called my mum who told me I'd better first call the bank to block my accounts... :-P Then she called back to say she was on her way to Leiden to buy me a new wallet and some pocketmoney for the time being :-D yaayy! Now I have an empty brand new bright red wallet. The policelady I talked to said that those pickpockets usually only take the money and leave the rest behind so I hope they find mine somewhere this week or I have to get all new passes...

But the good news is I am going to a party soon which has an 80's-90's tv theme and I thought I'd go as Peggy Bundy. I just got home and my Peggy Bundy wig arrived and omg! It is really cool and very Peggy. Now I only have to find a sleezy shirt to wear with my thight black jeans, preferably with lepard print I think.. Put on some red lipstick and nailpolish and Im done!
Here are some (very bad) pictures made with my phone to get an impression...

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Because I am very busy with school little quilting is going on, but I can show you my first big quilt.
I always wanted to make a sampler because I really like the traditional blocks like ohio star etc. I did want to give it a modern look by chosing the black, white fabrics and one real colour (my favourite colour, red) to make the quilt. When we went on family holiday I thought this was the perfect project to take with me (my mum and I always take a patchwork project with us in a (too) small box) and I cut all the pieces of the different blocks at home and pieced almost all the blocks in Italy. Then, of course, it was in danger of becoming a very long term project untill our neighbour bought the black fabric for the borders for me in America. I really wanted to finish the quilt and when I had the idea of sending it to the European Quilt Championship I wanted to finish it even more ánd I had a deadline!
The problem was that I never quilted before, I had pieced and sewn lots of ufo's but nothing was ever finished and ready to quilt. I also thought quilting was very dull and unpleasant... My mum then taught me how to do it and gave me some books so I could start on the real thing. I first wanted to quilt with thread the colour of the fabrics so you wouldn't notice when I did something wrong or had a bad stich or something but the author of the book my mum gave me said that is a bad idea because all of your very small, nice and regular stitches don't show either(she also said that using a thimble was not nessacery because quilting was supposed to hurt a little, I certainly did not agree on that one!).
I signed in on the European Quiltchampionship so my quilt would be on an exhibition, very exciting!!! On the picture you see me, very proud at my own work, and my sampler. It is really weird to see other people looking at en even taking pictures of your quilt but the best thing about it was the public award competition. Not that I won of course but when I put my own choice in the box there were several notes which voted for my quilt! And they were not filled in by my mother, boyfriend or anyone I know!
This sampler is now lying on my boyfriends bed. My mum made me an Irish chain quilt which is on my bed and in a studentroom of 10 m2 there is no room for two big quilts. But my boyfriend always puts it on his bed and it is not folded up in the closet so I think he likes it! :)

I also discovered a very funny abbreviation in quilting blogland today, a PHD (project half done), on Tactile Pleasures in Fabric. I really like this term because it is also used for an advanced academic degree :D I think I will work on my Sinterklaas PHD some more tonight ;-)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Finished babyquilt!

The finished babyquilt, the front and the back.. all those circles :-D I have to sew the label on the back and we can ship it to Australia!