Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oh no!

What a week already.. It is the beginning of the second half of the first semester and I litterally have to work three times harder! Very little time to quilt this six weeks, loads of work already and the first week is not yet over, very rainy stormy autumn wheater and it has (finally) happened... my all stars gave up! I had been walking around all week with a wet sock most of the time and I could not figure out why it got wet! Well, I just found out my shoe has a big hole in it's sole... Oh no! And I cannot really afford to buy myself another pair right now but if I have finished all my essays and passed all the exams etc by Christmas I can reward myself by buying myself a nice christmaspresent, new shoes!!
Although I have to do a lot of work for school, I am taking some interesting courses. I especially like one because when I was a little girl at primary school I wrote to the teacher! I had to interview someone whose job you would want. I always wanted to be an archaeologist so I found one and wrote him a long letter with all kinds of questions about being an archaeologist and send it to the Faculty of Archaeology, which sounded very official to me at the time. This man, who is now my teacher, wrote a very elaborate nice letter back to me (this was before email existed, haha) which I still have I think. This whole thing made an impact on me and it was decided that I would go to Leiden University, Faculty of Archaeology. Now I am here, and I think I am going to search for this letter when I am at home this weekend and show it to him...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yesterday we, Corrine, my mum and I, went to a quiltfair, or actually a craftfair.. There used to be a very big annual quiltfair but last year they quit organising this event. In search of a replacement we went to the craftfair in Rotterdam.
I expected lots of non-quilt booths but it was the other way around, just a few knitting and embroideryshops were present. Our goal was to find some feathers, gold band etc to decorate our Sinterklaasquilt. Of course we ended up with a bag full of other things :D

I bought coloured feathers and two tassels for the Sinterklaasquilt, two tins with a 'buttonprint' ánd a Debby Mumm cow pattern! Very simple cows and I think I am going to make them with all kinds of black and white fabrics and since my mum has loads of black and whites...

I also bought a new thimble, I deserved that after working so hard on the babyquilt. Thimbles always wear out very quickly on the inside, then they get all black and yukky. In order to prevent that from happening too soon I am going to use transparent nailpolish on the inside as a little quilting experiment :-P

Monday, October 20, 2008


I received an award from my mum but I forgot to put it on my own blog!
A creative award, yaayy :) Not sure if I deserve it though.. I did get it from my mother and we all know mothers are very partial... ;-)


I survived the quiltmarathon!
Our goal was to make a 'Sinterklaasquilt' this weekend and because it was a paperpiecingpattern we had a whole weekend of machinepiecing ahead of us. I had to learn how to work with my brand new secondhand sewingmachine (yaay!) and that was not easy for me or the machine itself but when we finally got it working allright we were off! As you can see of the pictures I had to actually read the user manual of the sewing machine but look how it sparkles on the next pic! :-P
We started very organised with boxes of fabric, each a set of patterns and on the table a big mug with sissors, pencils, rippers etc. After an hour or so everything was all over the place of course but the first finished 'zwarte pieten' en 'sinterklazen' were pinned on the designwall! That night, at half past 1, we went to bed and the quilttop wasn't finished yet...

The next morning all we had to do was add the borders and when the quilt was nearly done I put it on the designwall to see how nice it looked. Of course, a little flaw in a quilt is acceptable but my mum once read that if you can see what is wrong with your work on a galloping horse you have to fix it and even my mum could see that my quilt wasn't a rectangle but a trapezium without wearing her glasses!! I actually wanted to give up and go home but I took my ripper tore of the borders, made the middle piece rectangular, sewed on the borders again and it was finally finished!! Hurray!! The left picture shows our work and the left is my quilt. Off to Leiden with a Sinterklaasquilttop, batting and backing fabric and the babyquilt with binding...

Do check out my mums blog for additional information about the Sinterklaasquilt, and this link for Sinterklaas in general:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Very busy!

I have been very busy last week... next week is the first of the four 'examweeks' we have during the year so I had to study hard. Plus I was quilting my ass off to finish the babyquilt, this weekend I am going home so it would be nice if I could finish it then with a binding etc. I also spend a reasonable amount of time in the pub or at party's...

The babyquilt is nearly done with quilting but (of course) I am not completely satisfied with it. Because I used solids as the back of the quilt and quilted it with bright rainbow coloured thread you can see every single stitch that failed to go through all the three layers.. When I noticed that I tried to make stab stitches at the difficult places but those stitches are always bigger at the front of the quilt and at the back of the quilt they look like I made a few completly random stitches.. not good :p But, my boyfriends mother really likes it anyway :p (of course she does!) My bf told her I made it with a sewingmachine so she assumed I did the quilting with a sewingmachine too. When I told her I only handquilt she looked at me and said "But that is an awful lot of work!" :D My boyfriend is going to make the label for the quilt, the least he can do ;-)

But, I have classes again and then the quiltmarathon this weekend.. For those who read my moms blog already knew that of course but no way I am going to make that patchwork bag!! Yes, it looks cute but thats just the fabrics! :p When are you going to use a bag with only one handle?? *sigh* my mom sometimes has the tendency to like some patchwork bags and I (unfortunatly?) still don't but I will show you next week what else we are going to make this weekend!

Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3

Today is the third of October and when you live in Leiden that means a party!! Leiden revolted against the Spain somewhere in the 16th century and the spanish besieged the city for almost 6 months. Every year on october 3 we celebrate the end of the siege, called Leids ontzet. Traditionally we all eat hutspot (mashed potatoes, carrots and unions), white bread and herring because that was what the spanish left behind at the end of the siege. The whole city is in uproar around october 3. Yesterday the funfair started and there are marketstalls everywhere, a lot of pubs and bars have built a stage outside and have bands or dj's performing all night.

Yesterday my brother came to Leiden on his motorcycle and we walked around on the funfair. He bought a bright pink candy cane for his girlfriend and of course we ate a doughnut ball. Yesterday evening my roommates made two big pans of hutspot. The idea was to go to a pub afterwards but actually I wanted to quilt on my babyquilt... but I decided to go with them into town because otherwise you always feel like your missing out on a lot of fun and since there is no school today I can quilt as much as I want now..
Maybe I'll go out with my boyfriend tonight when he is not too tired. He had to do fieldwork all week (he's an archaeologist too) and stayed with his colleagues in a holiday cottage near the site because it was almost a two hour drive from here. But since I have missed him all week it doesn't matter if we didn't go out, even if it is october 3 :-P, we'll have a nice evening anyhow!