Monday, September 29, 2008


This weekend I started on the babyquilt. First I had to decide with what fabrics I wanted to make the sashings. My mum picked me up at the trainstation and had already searched her stash for some additional fabrics but in our favourite quiltstore we found the perfect fabric (ofcourse), the dotted one. I still had to decide on the design for the quilt. I wanted to try to make a quilt with the sewing machine so it had to be simple... The rest of the weekend I spent in the sewing room and the quilt on the picture in the product of perfect teamwork :-P
I started cutting all the pieces and my mum put them on our designwall. Then my lovely assistent, also know as mum, handed me the blocks one by one and when I had sewn them she pressed them and so on.. When all the blocks were done our quilting neighbour came to see how we were doing and she and my mum started measuring left over filling and fabrics for the back of the quilt. When I was done sewing the quilt there were 4 bright coloured solids on the table, washed and ironed, ready to be cut in 4 big squares to make the back of the quilt.

I really like how the babyquilt turned out. You can't get bored with it because of all the different animals. My mum and I already have a favourite animal in the quilt.. Now I have to buy the filling for the quilt and start quilting! I am going to quilt different sizes of circles on the quilt and have already drawn them on the top. It's a pity most of the quiltshops around here are closed on mondays or I would be quilting right now!! With my new quiltingthread I got from our neighbour from the USA, yaayy :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One bull and a lot of cows...

No fabrics from my boyfriend as a souvenir this time but a spanish mosaic bull.. I picked him up from the airport last saturday. If you drive to the airport there is a viaduct for airplanes over the road and exactly when I was driving there, there was a huge airplane driving over the road! Oh my god!! My bf grew up in a town near the airport to to him it is nothing special but I like airports. Wathing the airplanes and the people, some nervously walking around with 'Welcome-home-balloons' or those people who stand there waiting for someone with the name of that person on a sign, they sometimes stand there forever! I believe my bf had a great time in Barcelona and he bought me a bull for my cow collection.

Yes, I collect cows, I don't know why but I like the cowpattern.
Over the years I have collected a lot of cowish things and I've even created a little bit of plastic grassland for my cows to graze. I also have a cow-quiltproject and no, it is not finished yet :-P It is one of the first quilts I started. The original pattern was in inches and I converted the inches to centimetres to make things easier. I shouldn't have done that... one little mistake with the measurements resulted in me stitching and unstitching every cow three times before I got it right. I also didn't want 'regular' cows so I used all kinds of animal fabrics. I think I might start on this project again..
I do have another quilt with cows. My mum made it for me and I got it with 'Sinterklaas' a few years ago (for the ones who don't know Sinterklaas: My mum made it for me secretly when I was in Leiden the whole week and when I came home in the weekends she had to hide it. It is called 'Ska koeien' , which means 'Ska cows'.
Ska is a kind of music I like and often associated with the white and black blockpattern. I have it for almost 3 years now, hanging in my room, and I still really like it!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Work in progress: MDHP-12

I have lots of unfinished quiltprojects and this is one I have been working on recently. I have written that I have worked in Delft all summer on an archaeological excavation. The projectcodename of the dig was MDHP-12 and that is the name of my quilt too... (the photo isn't very good because I made it with the camera on my mobilephone, I'll post a better picture when it is finished!)

We found a very spectacular Roman well with the wooden poles and basketwork between them intact. I helped removing all of the mud from the wood and documenting the well that day. We also collected all the poles because specialists can date the well using the annual rings (is dat a correct english word? :p) of the wood. When we were done there was nothing left but a big puddle of mud and some very happy and content archaeologists.
Because such a well isn't an everyday find I put it in my miniquilt. What you can see is the cross-section of the well. The poles and the basketwork at the bottom and the colouring in the earthlayers above is the mark the well left in the soil. You can see our blue portable toilet and canteen, the excavating machine and I quilted the electricity pylons. I also have some pictures of the real thing...

As you can see being an archaeologist is not quite as glamorous as in the Indiana Jones movies but I'll be very happy if I can walk around in dirty clothes, safety shoes, bright yellow waistcoat equipped with a trowel and a decent shovel next summer holiday again!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am going to make a babyquilt! My boyfriend's sister is pregnant and she apparantly said that it would be nice if I could make a little quilt... And I thought, why not?!
I love to start new projects, my mum always says I have to finish a project first... but, she has had a quilt lying on her bed for 11 years UNFINISHED :-D But, this babyquilt is a very good reason to start a new thing because it has to be finished soon of course.

I found one really cute piece of fabric at the stores at the exhibition a week and a half ago and the day after I ordered almost the rest of the whole collection of that particular fabric on the internet. Yesterday I got a email from my mum that they arrived at my parents house! Yaay! Now I have to find a nice design for the quilt so I wont have to cut all the animals on the fabric in half... any ideas?
Another problem I hadn't thought of is how am I going to give the quilt to her because she lives in Australia.. :-P Maybe I have to save up for a very expensive ticket to fly to the other end of the world and go for a long holiday down under.. I can't send, can I? What if anything goes wrong and my quilt is lost between 2 continents!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


A very busy weekend indeed.. My boyfriend went away friday because he is gone on a holiday with his friends for a week in Barcelona!! They call it 'stoere mannen vakantie', which means something like tough/bold guys holiday, but in the end they'll go sightseeing and surfing and thats as bold as it gets. :) But, I have to miss my boyfriend for a whole week so I planned a lot this weekend!

Saturday was 'Open Monumentday' and a lot of monuments in the whole country are then accessible and with free admission. I went to Delft which has a historic city center and my friend and I just walked around and entered every monument on our way through the city. I saw a lot of beautiful houses from the 17th and 18th century, imagining myself in pretty dresses playing cards in the drawing room with handsome bachelors as if it was a Jane Austen novel (I watched Pride and Prejudice last week...).

Today was a less pleasant day, I had to do some shopping and finishing an essay which took longer than expected but there is some good news too... Valentino Rossi just won the motogp race ánd I can fit in two pairs of trousers again which I could not at the beginning of this summer...!!

Friday, September 05, 2008


Today my mum and I went to the Dutch Quiltersguild exhibition. Lots of beautiful quilts including two that were made with Australian aboriginal art fabrics!
Last year my boyfriend took part in a group study exchange project, went on a trip to Australia and bought me two aboriginal patchwork fabrics. Since then I have been collecting fabrics to make an Australia-quilt, since the real aboriginal fabrics are not for sale in the Netherlands I collected fabrics with sorto f the same colors, patterns etc. A week ago I was the only one to receive a souvenir, 3 aboriginal fabrics (!!), from my 'parents-in-law' who came back from Australia visiting their daughter who lives there and today I bought 4 more on the exhibition... yaayy!! Now its time to start looking for the right design for the quilt...

p.s. Thanks for all the comments! :D

Monday, September 01, 2008

School has begun!

After being a part of the archaeological fieldteam in Delft for four months, it is time to return university, and it is not going to be the same as the previous years... My best friend is (finally :P) going to graduate and my little sister has moved to Leiden and is now living 30 metres from my studentdorm and studying archaeology too!!
Fortunatly I don't have classes until wednesday so today I had time to clear away the mess in my room, check my timetable, order some books to be ready for the first semester.

While I was waiting for my sister to pick up some books she needs I decided to start myself a new (quilt)blog..
I also worked in Delft last summer and enjoyed it so much I made a miniquilt about the dig. I am now almost finishing my second archaeological miniquilt about this years excavation. But I participated in two excavations this year and since everyone is expecting a miniquilt for each dig I still have to design the second... the thing is I ran out of the fabric which represents the soil with the different geological/archaeological layers. As soon as I finish my miniquilt and have an idea for the next I'll let you know!!