Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen...

Tomorrow is 5 december! 'Sinterklaasevening'! Very exciting.. tomorrow I am going with my boyfriend to his family and saturday we are going to my parents to celebrate 'pakjesavond', wich means 'present evening'. Last year bf's parents hired 2 zwarte pieten to come to their house because the little nephew and niece of my bf still believe in Sinterklaas of course. I am never ever going to do that for my own children (if I ever have children eventually..), every adult in the house was very stressed and nervous, waiting for the banging on the door and you know the ones who are zwarte piet know you and going to make you sing a song for them or worse... I am really looking forward to saturday, we all had to buy gifts for someone and I bought absolutly nothing from the person's wishlist I got. I think, or hope, he/she will like the presents I got or else I will keep them myself because I like them so much myself! I wrote a poem of 36 lines or something (sinterklaaspresents traditionally come with a poem) and am totally ready for it!! :D

Then for something else but also very exciting, bf and I are thinking of living together. I spent a lot of time at his place now and I discoverd that it is much cheaper to rent an apartment then a studentroom. And I would really like it! Bf has a one room appartment now but still rents it from the same student room company. For what he is paying now he could also have a 3 room appartment 2,5 times bigger than this one. With all our money together we can even rent a house with a garden and everything but, that may be a little to much :P I just looked at some appartments thinking, 'hmmm, three rooms, a livingroom, a bedroom and a quiltroom for me!', but I guess I can't claim a whole room for myself, haha.. It would be nice to have my quiltstuff at my own home instead of at my parents house and if we really are going to move to something bigger and better I will put up a little designwall somewhere so I can imagine I have my own quiltroom while bf is playing computergames next to me :D

P.S. Did you notice I got one official follower now (who is not my mum) and both Tactile pleasures in fabric and Cybele's Patch have a link to my blog on their site?
I did and thank you!! :D

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Cybele's patch said...

You're welcome Lotte! Ik geniet van je verhalen, dus je verdient een link. Hoe is het met je verhuisplannen? Nog steeds in een overlegstadium? Het is inderdaad een stuk goedkoper dan twee huishoudens erop nahouden. (meer plek en geld voor lapjes ;-))