Thursday, November 06, 2008


Because I am very busy with school little quilting is going on, but I can show you my first big quilt.
I always wanted to make a sampler because I really like the traditional blocks like ohio star etc. I did want to give it a modern look by chosing the black, white fabrics and one real colour (my favourite colour, red) to make the quilt. When we went on family holiday I thought this was the perfect project to take with me (my mum and I always take a patchwork project with us in a (too) small box) and I cut all the pieces of the different blocks at home and pieced almost all the blocks in Italy. Then, of course, it was in danger of becoming a very long term project untill our neighbour bought the black fabric for the borders for me in America. I really wanted to finish the quilt and when I had the idea of sending it to the European Quilt Championship I wanted to finish it even more ánd I had a deadline!
The problem was that I never quilted before, I had pieced and sewn lots of ufo's but nothing was ever finished and ready to quilt. I also thought quilting was very dull and unpleasant... My mum then taught me how to do it and gave me some books so I could start on the real thing. I first wanted to quilt with thread the colour of the fabrics so you wouldn't notice when I did something wrong or had a bad stich or something but the author of the book my mum gave me said that is a bad idea because all of your very small, nice and regular stitches don't show either(she also said that using a thimble was not nessacery because quilting was supposed to hurt a little, I certainly did not agree on that one!).
I signed in on the European Quiltchampionship so my quilt would be on an exhibition, very exciting!!! On the picture you see me, very proud at my own work, and my sampler. It is really weird to see other people looking at en even taking pictures of your quilt but the best thing about it was the public award competition. Not that I won of course but when I put my own choice in the box there were several notes which voted for my quilt! And they were not filled in by my mother, boyfriend or anyone I know!
This sampler is now lying on my boyfriends bed. My mum made me an Irish chain quilt which is on my bed and in a studentroom of 10 m2 there is no room for two big quilts. But my boyfriend always puts it on his bed and it is not folded up in the closet so I think he likes it! :)

I also discovered a very funny abbreviation in quilting blogland today, a PHD (project half done), on Tactile Pleasures in Fabric. I really like this term because it is also used for an advanced academic degree :D I think I will work on my Sinterklaas PHD some more tonight ;-)


Annemiek said...

"queen of PHD's" klinkt iig veel beter dan 'queen of UFO'S"!!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

We are all working on PhDs you know...and it's a good thing :^)
A pic of you with your sampler on display is priceless. Give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done. Good luck with your studies.

mamaspark said...

This quilt is beautiful! You have every right to be proud of it and yourself. You are also lucky if you only have 1 PHD!!I've lost count!

Cybele's patch said...

Ik heb je quilt in het echt bewonderd in Waalre. Hij is heel mooi. Ja, en die kleuren he, super!

Willeke said...

Hij is werkelijk prachtig joh!
Ik kan mij voorstellen dat je vriend 'm mooi op z'n bed houdt. Door de kleuren combi is ie ook best stoer en je weet het he?.....a quilt is a blanket of love!

MYRA said...

Hey Lotte!
Your sampler is fantastic! You did a wonderful job of it, and should indeed be proud of your handy work! 8-)
PHD indeed!!! Love it! LOL!!!
I have 2 sets of sampler blocks waiting for attention. That will be a PHD course I will make in 2009 sometime! 8-)
Happy studies!