Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Lots of party's got in my way! I showed you my wig before and this weekend me and my boyfriend dressed up like Al and Peggy Bundy. We picked up some friends of bf (Kitt and Micheal Knight) and drove all the way to Belgium where the 80s-90s tv theme party was. I expected everyone to be dressed up as some character but that was not the case! More than half the people were just theirselfs (and boring, if you ask me ;-P). We had a nice time anyhow and drove back home the next morning.
Then last monday my best friend graduated from University and is now officially 'Master of Arts in Archaeology'. I never went to a graduation before and I found it a little dissapointing. First my friend had to come up to a room and talk about his thesis. Friends and family had to wait outside, then he came back and we could all join him and the actual 'ceremony' took place. But there was no ceremony! Just a short and very nice speech from one of his teachers (who is also a personal friend) and he got his diploma. On the other hand, if you are graduating you must be so nervous you just want it to be over, very quickly! Here in Leiden it is also a tradition that once you are graduated you get to sign the walls of 'het zweetkamertje' ('the sweatroom'). This was the room that they used years ago to talk about your thesis etc. and even the autographs of the royal family who studied in Leiden are still on those walls!!


MYRA said...

Congrats on your friend's graduation! Now a new chapter to start in his life... 8-)
Too bad that 1/2 of the party did not participate with dressing up. Takes a bit of the fun out of it hey?
Take care! 8-)

MYRA said...

I forgot to ask you, did your wallet show up anywhere? Your ID?

Cybele's patch said...

Jammer dat sommigen niet hadden begrepen wat een themafeest precies is. Maar jullie hebben plezier gehad en dat is toch het belangrijkste. Zo'n buluitreiking heeft eigenlijk nooit veel om het lijf gehad. Het is zo vreselijk belangrijk voor degene die hem ontvangt, maar er wordt niks feestelijks omheen gebouwd. Dat was in de Prehistorie, toen mijn DH zijn bul ontving, al niet anders. Het feest hebben we zelf achteraf geregeld. Zullen jullie toch ook wel gedaan hebben?