Friday, October 17, 2008

Very busy!

I have been very busy last week... next week is the first of the four 'examweeks' we have during the year so I had to study hard. Plus I was quilting my ass off to finish the babyquilt, this weekend I am going home so it would be nice if I could finish it then with a binding etc. I also spend a reasonable amount of time in the pub or at party's...

The babyquilt is nearly done with quilting but (of course) I am not completely satisfied with it. Because I used solids as the back of the quilt and quilted it with bright rainbow coloured thread you can see every single stitch that failed to go through all the three layers.. When I noticed that I tried to make stab stitches at the difficult places but those stitches are always bigger at the front of the quilt and at the back of the quilt they look like I made a few completly random stitches.. not good :p But, my boyfriends mother really likes it anyway :p (of course she does!) My bf told her I made it with a sewingmachine so she assumed I did the quilting with a sewingmachine too. When I told her I only handquilt she looked at me and said "But that is an awful lot of work!" :D My boyfriend is going to make the label for the quilt, the least he can do ;-)

But, I have classes again and then the quiltmarathon this weekend.. For those who read my moms blog already knew that of course but no way I am going to make that patchwork bag!! Yes, it looks cute but thats just the fabrics! :p When are you going to use a bag with only one handle?? *sigh* my mom sometimes has the tendency to like some patchwork bags and I (unfortunatly?) still don't but I will show you next week what else we are going to make this weekend!

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