Monday, October 20, 2008


I survived the quiltmarathon!
Our goal was to make a 'Sinterklaasquilt' this weekend and because it was a paperpiecingpattern we had a whole weekend of machinepiecing ahead of us. I had to learn how to work with my brand new secondhand sewingmachine (yaay!) and that was not easy for me or the machine itself but when we finally got it working allright we were off! As you can see of the pictures I had to actually read the user manual of the sewing machine but look how it sparkles on the next pic! :-P
We started very organised with boxes of fabric, each a set of patterns and on the table a big mug with sissors, pencils, rippers etc. After an hour or so everything was all over the place of course but the first finished 'zwarte pieten' en 'sinterklazen' were pinned on the designwall! That night, at half past 1, we went to bed and the quilttop wasn't finished yet...

The next morning all we had to do was add the borders and when the quilt was nearly done I put it on the designwall to see how nice it looked. Of course, a little flaw in a quilt is acceptable but my mum once read that if you can see what is wrong with your work on a galloping horse you have to fix it and even my mum could see that my quilt wasn't a rectangle but a trapezium without wearing her glasses!! I actually wanted to give up and go home but I took my ripper tore of the borders, made the middle piece rectangular, sewed on the borders again and it was finally finished!! Hurray!! The left picture shows our work and the left is my quilt. Off to Leiden with a Sinterklaasquilttop, batting and backing fabric and the babyquilt with binding...

Do check out my mums blog for additional information about the Sinterklaasquilt, and this link for Sinterklaas in general:


MYRA said...

Hi Lotte!
You paper piecing work looks wonderful! Good Job! It sounds like you are happy with your machine too! Good for you! 8-)
I am looking at the bottom photo thinking "where is zwarte pieten?" When I click on the photo for a closer look, and see 4 of them!!! I thought sinterklazen only had 1 zwarte pieten?
No horse? But a boat? Tell me about the boat.
I think your wall-quilt to be is looking great! 8-)
Happy stitchings on that new (older) machine of yours!!! 8-)

Willeke said...

Hij is leuk geworden zeg!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Hi Lotte, Is this the first time you have paper-pieced? Some people love it and some people hate it. Me? I don't mind it once in a while, like when I did the Mariner's Compass last month at a workshop. Keep on quilting Lotte!