Friday, October 03, 2008

October 3

Today is the third of October and when you live in Leiden that means a party!! Leiden revolted against the Spain somewhere in the 16th century and the spanish besieged the city for almost 6 months. Every year on october 3 we celebrate the end of the siege, called Leids ontzet. Traditionally we all eat hutspot (mashed potatoes, carrots and unions), white bread and herring because that was what the spanish left behind at the end of the siege. The whole city is in uproar around october 3. Yesterday the funfair started and there are marketstalls everywhere, a lot of pubs and bars have built a stage outside and have bands or dj's performing all night.

Yesterday my brother came to Leiden on his motorcycle and we walked around on the funfair. He bought a bright pink candy cane for his girlfriend and of course we ate a doughnut ball. Yesterday evening my roommates made two big pans of hutspot. The idea was to go to a pub afterwards but actually I wanted to quilt on my babyquilt... but I decided to go with them into town because otherwise you always feel like your missing out on a lot of fun and since there is no school today I can quilt as much as I want now..
Maybe I'll go out with my boyfriend tonight when he is not too tired. He had to do fieldwork all week (he's an archaeologist too) and stayed with his colleagues in a holiday cottage near the site because it was almost a two hour drive from here. But since I have missed him all week it doesn't matter if we didn't go out, even if it is october 3 :-P, we'll have a nice evening anyhow!


Annemiek said...

Veel plezier!

Maren said...

wel veilig he?;)

Annette said...

Hi Lotte,
I had no idea that Oct 3 was a Dutch holiday--it's a holiday here as it's my oldest DD's birthday, AND my dad's birthday. But now we have an excuse to make olliebollen! wahoo! Probably pass on the hutspot though. My oma always made it with broccoli, or maybe that was stompot?