Thursday, September 18, 2008

Work in progress: MDHP-12

I have lots of unfinished quiltprojects and this is one I have been working on recently. I have written that I have worked in Delft all summer on an archaeological excavation. The projectcodename of the dig was MDHP-12 and that is the name of my quilt too... (the photo isn't very good because I made it with the camera on my mobilephone, I'll post a better picture when it is finished!)

We found a very spectacular Roman well with the wooden poles and basketwork between them intact. I helped removing all of the mud from the wood and documenting the well that day. We also collected all the poles because specialists can date the well using the annual rings (is dat a correct english word? :p) of the wood. When we were done there was nothing left but a big puddle of mud and some very happy and content archaeologists.
Because such a well isn't an everyday find I put it in my miniquilt. What you can see is the cross-section of the well. The poles and the basketwork at the bottom and the colouring in the earthlayers above is the mark the well left in the soil. You can see our blue portable toilet and canteen, the excavating machine and I quilted the electricity pylons. I also have some pictures of the real thing...

As you can see being an archaeologist is not quite as glamorous as in the Indiana Jones movies but I'll be very happy if I can walk around in dirty clothes, safety shoes, bright yellow waistcoat equipped with a trowel and a decent shovel next summer holiday again!!


Red Eyes said...

very interesting

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's one nicely precerved well. And the poles are thick enough to be dated using dendrochronology? Even better. I've only worked on one excavation (I'm no quilter, my mum is, but I study geoarchaeology), and the well there was a hollowed tree, which only had the lower part intact, but it wasn't thick enough, plus it was the outer rings. Nonetheless, I love the quilt, and the pictures of the dig are cool too :D. Yes, dirty archaeologists are happy archeologist (usually) :P.

Annette said...

Hi Lotte,
I found your blog from your mom's blog. Very interesting!
I think the English phrase you are looking for is "growth rings", but I totally knew what you meant when you said annual rings.
What a fun job! And your quilt is very special.