Sunday, September 14, 2008


A very busy weekend indeed.. My boyfriend went away friday because he is gone on a holiday with his friends for a week in Barcelona!! They call it 'stoere mannen vakantie', which means something like tough/bold guys holiday, but in the end they'll go sightseeing and surfing and thats as bold as it gets. :) But, I have to miss my boyfriend for a whole week so I planned a lot this weekend!

Saturday was 'Open Monumentday' and a lot of monuments in the whole country are then accessible and with free admission. I went to Delft which has a historic city center and my friend and I just walked around and entered every monument on our way through the city. I saw a lot of beautiful houses from the 17th and 18th century, imagining myself in pretty dresses playing cards in the drawing room with handsome bachelors as if it was a Jane Austen novel (I watched Pride and Prejudice last week...).

Today was a less pleasant day, I had to do some shopping and finishing an essay which took longer than expected but there is some good news too... Valentino Rossi just won the motogp race ánd I can fit in two pairs of trousers again which I could not at the beginning of this summer...!!


Corrine said...

Hoi Lotte,

Leuke site en wat een mooie lapjes zeg!!
Ik hoorde van Annemiek dat jullie een leuke week frankrijk hebben gehad en veel hebben gezien.
Ik wilde vragen wanneer je eventueel weer eens thuis bent want ik ben natuurlijk voor jou ook geslaagd in Amerika. Ik hoor het wel!
groet, Corrine

MYRA said...

I love the movie Pride and Prejudice!!!
Sounds like you had an enjoyable time with you friend...
It is nice when we fit into something we haven't been able to wear in a while... 8-)