Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One bull and a lot of cows...

No fabrics from my boyfriend as a souvenir this time but a spanish mosaic bull.. I picked him up from the airport last saturday. If you drive to the airport there is a viaduct for airplanes over the road and exactly when I was driving there, there was a huge airplane driving over the road! Oh my god!! My bf grew up in a town near the airport to to him it is nothing special but I like airports. Wathing the airplanes and the people, some nervously walking around with 'Welcome-home-balloons' or those people who stand there waiting for someone with the name of that person on a sign, they sometimes stand there forever! I believe my bf had a great time in Barcelona and he bought me a bull for my cow collection.

Yes, I collect cows, I don't know why but I like the cowpattern.
Over the years I have collected a lot of cowish things and I've even created a little bit of plastic grassland for my cows to graze. I also have a cow-quiltproject and no, it is not finished yet :-P It is one of the first quilts I started. The original pattern was in inches and I converted the inches to centimetres to make things easier. I shouldn't have done that... one little mistake with the measurements resulted in me stitching and unstitching every cow three times before I got it right. I also didn't want 'regular' cows so I used all kinds of animal fabrics. I think I might start on this project again..
I do have another quilt with cows. My mum made it for me and I got it with 'Sinterklaas' a few years ago (for the ones who don't know Sinterklaas: My mum made it for me secretly when I was in Leiden the whole week and when I came home in the weekends she had to hide it. It is called 'Ska koeien' , which means 'Ska cows'.
Ska is a kind of music I like and often associated with the white and black blockpattern. I have it for almost 3 years now, hanging in my room, and I still really like it!!


Annemiek said...

'T is gewoon een patchwork stier!

MYRA said...

Great cows! 8-)

mamaspark said...

You should check out Lynette Anderson's blog. She has some really really adorable cow patterns!