Monday, September 29, 2008


This weekend I started on the babyquilt. First I had to decide with what fabrics I wanted to make the sashings. My mum picked me up at the trainstation and had already searched her stash for some additional fabrics but in our favourite quiltstore we found the perfect fabric (ofcourse), the dotted one. I still had to decide on the design for the quilt. I wanted to try to make a quilt with the sewing machine so it had to be simple... The rest of the weekend I spent in the sewing room and the quilt on the picture in the product of perfect teamwork :-P
I started cutting all the pieces and my mum put them on our designwall. Then my lovely assistent, also know as mum, handed me the blocks one by one and when I had sewn them she pressed them and so on.. When all the blocks were done our quilting neighbour came to see how we were doing and she and my mum started measuring left over filling and fabrics for the back of the quilt. When I was done sewing the quilt there were 4 bright coloured solids on the table, washed and ironed, ready to be cut in 4 big squares to make the back of the quilt.

I really like how the babyquilt turned out. You can't get bored with it because of all the different animals. My mum and I already have a favourite animal in the quilt.. Now I have to buy the filling for the quilt and start quilting! I am going to quilt different sizes of circles on the quilt and have already drawn them on the top. It's a pity most of the quiltshops around here are closed on mondays or I would be quilting right now!! With my new quiltingthread I got from our neighbour from the USA, yaayy :D


MYRA said...

The quilt top is lovely! Any child would love looking at all the wonderful critters on it! A lovely gift it will be... 8-)

mamaspark said...

The fabrics are very cute. Nothing like I could find here in the US. You and your mum are amazing!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

I love the birds and the dot fabric. A gorgeous quilt for a lucky baby.

Cybele's patch said...

Het quiltje is erg leuk geworden. De beestjes zijn goed te zien. De baby zal zich voorlopig niet vervelen. En wat goed, dat je een assistente hebt gecharterd. Dat scheelt toch een boel werk ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aah, wat is die duizendpoot toch lollig! Zal ik vast strips voor de binding snijden? :)

Je P.A.

Kim said...

Very cute! I like the simple design that lets the fabric show off. Very sweet, will be looking to see the finished quilt.

Ellen said...

Wat is de quilt leuk geworden Lotte. Leuk dat jij ook zo jong bent en quilt (ik ben zelf 23 en ook student ;o)
Veel succes en plezier met het afmaken van de quilt!